personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 09.10

Truth: I forgot to take a family photo in September. I am so irritated with myself for forgetting, but I rolled with it and asked Anna to draw a photo of us instead. I like how she has all of our arms around each other. And that she put us all in our favorite colors. […]

personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 08.10

This family image was taken by Maile Wilson on 8/31. Posted about here. This is probably my favorite family image from our time with her, because I just love how Jeff is looking at us. And how candid it is. And how brown we all are. And my hair looks pretty rad, which is always […]

personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 07.10

July is going to be pretty hard to talk about, seeing as how I can hardly remember what happened now. What day is it again? It was the coldest July we have had in southern California in 100 years. I am not complaining. We took a vacation, but we didn’t go very far. (This photo […]