personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 03.10

This is a hill around the corner from our house. I have had my eye on it ever since we moved here, six years ago. Why do I let things go for so long before I do them? I don’t know, but I am really glad I started this project, to give me the push […]

personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 02.10

February was a rough one for us. It started out with a major back issue that had me immobile for about two weeks. Then my camera died. Then I got bronchitis. So, since I spent a lot of time in bed in February, I thought it was only fitting to take our family shot there. […]

personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 01.10

January notes: Love this fence. Have taken photos of OTHER people in front of this fence. When we were here playing golf for Anna’s birthday I asked Shane to snap a couple of us in the same spot. I am not wearing glasses because I was wearing my prescription sunglasses, and I didn’t want yet […]