personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 06.10

This picture makes me laugh and I don’t like it and I love it all at the same time. We were on a walk on a local trail. A trail I found a few months ago and have visited several times since. There aren’t many areas locally with this type of tree cover and natural […]

personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 05.10

** all images in this entry were taken by my friend Bonnie Berry. We were so lucky in May to be able to have our family photos taken by my friend Bonnie. It was a lovely experience, that started out with Bonnie and I spending almost four hours in a booth at my favorite Mexican […]

Personal Project \\ six people twelve times \\ 04.10

This month I had two family snapshots to choose from! They both happened naturally, with no real effort on my part. I couldn’t decide which one to use, so I am using both. The image of us in the tent was taken on our first family camping trip at San Elijo state beach. A friend […]