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  1. Nice shots Tara. Are you going to share what you did with the color? Please? It almost looks like a midnight sepia the way the jeans are so saturated. Nice effect. carolyn

  2. WOW!!! I love them. Little blondie looks so much like her daddy. :) I love the last one, so hilarious. The ones of the older girls are just to die for. Beautiful family, beautiful photos. Beautiful photographer. :)

  3. My gosh…these pictures are totally awesome! Great colors, cute cute family :) Tara you did a great job-your pick of scenery is stupendous! What caught my eye was of course, the 3girls then the boy…LOL Sweet family!

  4. Dear JD (my husband)
    hey dude, i gotta plan. lets jet off to ca to meet tara whitney. yes – not easy with 3 little boys and work and everything….but hoooonneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, she takes these amazing pictures.
    i wanna be the pretty/cool/well lit family on the beach. i wanna remember this time in our lives as attractive people. come on – whadda ya say? the delta miles ain’t gonna keep forever…..
    (actually – i would just normally sign it kelli, or k…the pictures are amazing:)

  5. Love the pics . . . as several have mentioned, that one of #4 crying while everyone’s walking just cracks me up. I also love the one of same said kid on dad’s shoulders where you just see his legs and hands. I love your photography because you get it that you don’t have to have them all lined up and neatly seated and all in a row. . . you just have such great prospective!

    What a beautiful family. . . and what beautiful pictures. I’d be wanting copies of all of them if I were them.

  6. tara
    Are all the families you shoot as fun as it looks or do you just have a way of putting people at ease? whatever it is, it keeps me coming back each week to see what new, cool thing you’ve captured. I too would love to know how you got the cool color, love it!!!

  7. I was trying to figure out what the heck you did with the color there too…must be magic. As always, these are such fantastic photos. Did I already mention that you could be making a gazillion dollars a year doing this? : )

  8. oh tara. do you know that i actually swoon when i look at your photos? and that i check your blog every day? and when you do have a new album i have to look at every single photo? and i look at your “photo a day” thing too because your work is just so freakin’ awesome? hope you are feeling all the love that’s been sent your way!

  9. sara asked, “Are all the families you shoot as fun as it looks or do you just have a way of putting people at ease?”

    Having just had photos done by Tara, I can tell you that she’s just that good. :-) You get relaxed around her and she has this mischievous grin that makes you keep going and you can’t help but be yourself and have a blast. Which just creates great photography.

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