amanda and graham

i added their photo album tonight. click here!

we met in laguna last night…perfect, gorgeous evening at the beach.

it is definitely christmas card photo season though…we had to fight for certain spots.

we had fun together and they were a great couple to photograph-very fun and playful-i didnt want to stop shooting them.

i havent gone through them all to proof, but today while i should have been doing laundry, i took a sneak peek-and these four stood out to me as favorites. so here they are.





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  1. AWESEOME pics, Tara. Wow. Do you ever have a bad shoot? lol They are both so cute and the pics you took are specTACular! The shots you took – fab! You be a superhotfemale for sure!


  2. Beautiful! I am still hoping that some of your creative talent rubbed off on me at the 2Peas crop! It must have, I am getting my own photography business started without even trying! Keep up the awesome work t!

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