it doesnt matter

that i have three more shoots this weekend, a huge deadline for simple scrapbooks, two parties to go to, and laundry out my gazoo.

i had to check these over from my shoot last night!

this was the first shot off the camera. (shelley, i told you you need not worry about the kids!)


and this is a new idea of mine-kids playing in background, blurry, while mom and dad nuzzle and laugh. i love how each of the kids are doing something different. it really captures who they are.


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  1. you are just so incredibly inspiring!
    love that photo with the kids in the
    thanks so much for sharing your
    photo shoots with us!

  2. awesome!! wow you are booking more these days! i thought you were doing only 2 a month!!!! now it’s 3 in a weekend….busy in demand woman!!!!!! that is awesome!!!!!!
    hope you are having a blast!!!!! sure looks like it!

  3. omg – Tara I love them! :) The second picture is wonderful – love the kids in the background! Thank you so much for taking the time do the photo shoot. It was really fun – the kids had fun too. Riley said on the drive home- “Tara, I really like her” :)
    Cannot wait to see the rest!

  4. Looking good! I noticed the kids playing in the background on your last shoot and loved the idea. . ..also thought “I’d be to freaked out to let Alaina play in the background” . . that kid would go right for the water!

  5. Tara, as always, your ideas continue to amaze and inspire me! These photos look great and I love the #2 photo—totally cool idea! You sure are keeping busy so far, hope you get it all done this weekend! I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine. Thanks for sharing these and I look forward to seeing the rest!

    Take care!

  6. I noticed the kids in the background thing in the last shoot and thought to myself, wow – that was either a happy accident or a very cool pre-planned shot! :) Love the idea!

  7. They just get better everytime! I love how you’ve captured this family…and the kids in the background is WOW soooooo cool! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  8. your photos are absolutely amazing!
    i KNOW you must hear this a lot, but how the heck much would it cost you to come to CT and photograph my major life events?!?!
    to me, your photos say more than i could ever get out in words.
    thank you so much for sharing.*

  9. The photo with the kids playing in the background is wonderful. What a great idea. Now I’m wanting one of my family. Do you think you could convince my husband to stand close enough to me to be in the same picture frame, and get all eight of my kids to covort happily on the beach without killing each other? Seriously, I really admire your photography. You are incredibly talented.

  10. do you ever photo ‘ugly’ people?! or is it a prerequisite that you must be exceptionally good-looking and photogenic to be photographed by tara?


    is it that you are so good with a camera that everyone comes out looking gorgeous?!

    fabulous, tara!

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