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  1. Wow, your pictures really make me just want to pick up my camera and try a little harder. I know you shared your b/w conversion your color one similar?

  2. Wow… this looks great so far, Tara. Can’t wait to see the rest. I’m sure Michelle’s family was awesome to shoot. They are all so super cute.

  3. That is my dear friend Michelle and her HOT HUSBAND Evan. I only say this because I know they are reading the comments and I asked Evan (who is very quiet and reserved) how he felt about the Hubba Hubba remark and he blushed! So sweet. He’s actually a Saint too, if you can believe it. Not only does he totally deal with Michelle’s scrapbook obsession, but he built her a custom made scrap room that anyone would drool over and then he goes and does the shopping at Sams with the baby in tow. He’s a keeper. (Note how she’s holding on with both hands!)
    And they have such beautiful children, can’t wait to see more!
    Michelle isn’t feeling so well today, so everybody send out all sorts of get well vibes her way.
    Love you girl! You look gorgeous!!!

  4. i have to say that the one with the little pumkin looking like he is screeming in hysterics at everyones waist is way too funny and so real life. the pics. are beautiful, the colors are beautiful and yes evan hubba hubba :) what a great looking family. great job tara.

  5. Tara, everyone you photopgraph is just so gorgeous!!!!

    Love, love , love these photos and your colour “thang” is as cool as your B&W masterpieces.

    I want to come to CA and book you for our family LOL


  6. This is one of the nicest photos I have seen on here in a long time, truly perfect. Nice colours, beautiful couple. Can’t wait to browse through the album!

  7. wow, so beautiful! I love the new color technique. I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint what you did — but as soon as I saw the photo I could see something different. Awesome look! Cannot wait to see the rest! -Shell

  8. i love the different color technique….it looks amazing and it totally goes with the style of photos that you take!!!! i LOVE the one of the little boy and his parents looks like an ad in a magazine…love the one of him crying by their feet too….these are OUTSTANDING miss t…….

  9. tara….can i just say WOW….you are not only a awesome Photographer …..but such a special person to….we had such great fun w/ you. i have to say they are all my favorite but the one with our feet were seth is screaming is…totally our family :)and thanx to everyone’s comments my poor shy hubby is like oh my goodness…:) tara really is magic….thanx sista ok off to the doctor again for one more shot for some crazy kidney infection….:(

  10. Tara, as always, just amazingly beautiful photographs. I wish I knew how you make these shots look so gorgeous. I’ve followed your B&W conversion technique instructions and am LOVING the results. Really hoping you’ll share your secrets on the color technique you used here!

    Michelle, if you are reading, what lip color/brand were you wearing in this shoot–love it, and it looks great on you. Such a beautiful family too!

  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the coloring technique you used. Great shots….i cracked up at the one with the family in a line and all you see are their legs and the little boy crying. classic! lol. i also loved the dad with the boy sitting on his shoulders.
    ALL of them are wonderful. You’ve done it again!

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