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February was a rough one for us.

It started out with a major back issue that had me immobile for about two weeks. Then my camera died. Then I got bronchitis. So, since I spent a lot of time in bed in February, I thought it was only fitting to take our family shot there.

I love our room.

I love our bed.

It is a complete and total respite from the world for me. We have had our quilt for so long that it is ripping and ragged, but I can’t bare the thought of getting rid of it. So our feet just poke through the holes. I took it on a photo shoot once, and I am still pulling sticks out from that. I don’t mind. That shoot is a good memory.

Jeff was assigned to a major project at work. While it was really good for him to be asked, it is taking a lot of his time and energy. Away from us.

Nathan is getting over a cold – I can tell in his eyes that he doesn’t feel great.

Mckenna is in her splint, or gizmo, as the Dr calls it. The splint that everyone hates for her sake, but her most of all. It is so hard for me to ask her to put it on, knowing how much she hates it. She is meant to wear it as much as possible every day to keep the skin in her armpit stretched as it heals.

Jeff got a haircut today – and immediately came home and took a shower to get rid of  “itchy neck syndrome”. This picture was last minute, taken literally seconds before it became fully dark outside. So, he didn’t have time to do his hair. It looks hilarious, and I am fine with it. I love his crazy stand up rooster hair. You should see it in the morning.

A neighborhood boy came over with his Nintendo DS one day earlier this month, in the middle of a game. He wanted Drew or Nate to help him get through the end of the level.

Anna came into our room one evening, with her finger above her lip (as a mustache and disguise), and dropped off a piece of paper. On the paper was written: “Mom and Dad, I ran away with Silce (silkie is her cherished blanket) and pilow pet. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Anna. Mom, don’t tell Dad that I’m still here. Act it aot(out). Ha Ha Ha.” I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time. We did indeed act out our sadness at finding her gone, and our excitement in finding her again.

Nathan got an A+ on his science test and was so, so proud and excited to show us.

Jeff recorded Black Beauty for Anna, and she watched, transfixed. I love that he thinks of all of us and is always searching for things to record that we might like.

Mckenna turned fourteen. She asked for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Spirals. We got her three boxes, clothes, and an old iPod shuffle. She was more excited about the Mac & Cheese.

A friend loaned Drew and Nathan a Lord of the Rings video game. One night Jeff played with them and started telling them all about the characters and the story. Drew remembered that he had The Hobbit in his closet, and started reading it. That lead to us starting a LOTR marathon one Saturday.

We are all still so happy about the weather we have this time of year. Perfect.

Oddly, we didn’t go out as an entire family unit at all this month.

I had a ton of fun on Valentine’s day…doing special things for the kids. They woke up to treat bags filled with goodies in their top dresser drawer and personal heart shaped chocolate cakes for breakfast.

Mckenna loves, and when I say loves, I mean LOVES, to get the mail after the bus drops her off everyday. One afternoon the mailman was there, putting mail away. She ran up to the truck and said, “Hey mailman! What’s up?!” We got the mail and I told him about how much she loved it. As he drove off, she shouted, “OSA MISA MAILMAN!” I was like, huh? Took me a second to figure it out-but I finally did-she meant to say, “HASTA LA VISTA MAILMAN!”

This shot was actually taken on March 1, but I am going to pretend that since February is such a short month, that doesn’t matter. I propped my camera on our laundry basket, two pillows, and an eyeshadow compact. I called everyone into my room and they piled on the bed. No one REALLY wanted to do it, so I took three self timer shots in about a minute and this one was my favorite. I couldn’t decide in color or bw, so I decided: BOTH.


If you joined in, feel free to post a link in the comments. I would love to see.



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  1. I thought I had checked your blog but I guess I hadnt. I love this. You guys look so comfy. Sorry about all the sickie-poos this month. Bummer. I smiled so big when I read about the LOTR marathon. They are huge in our house. Which reminds me, if Drew wants a good book to read (fantasy) have him read Fabelhaven by Brandon Mull. My boys really liked it a lot. We just finished reading it last night and they’re already wanting me to read the secondbook. I guess its a series.
    Love you!

  2. Yup, great idea and a must do for anyone with a family. what else is the self-timer for? as with all, love your style – you are an inspiration as a mother, wife and photographer. thinking that I first saw your name/photos in a scrapbook mag…did you have another career in this?? know that cathy z are you are close – she’s another favourite and also inspiring as a mother and photographer (totally given up the plan to do scrapbooking since having #4) – but photos I can do!

  3. I’m really enjoying this challenge to actually get photos of all of us together – and even more rare, photos of me! I’ve posted photos for Jan and Feb on my blog now, and hope to keep going all year long, what a fun memory it will be many years from now!

    Loving the insights into your family, so fun – and your post about playing in the snow so-cal version cracked me up!!!!

  4. Tara, I have been following your blog since it appeared on Pioneer Woman’s blog a long time ago. I love your photography…period. And your videos…amazing and touching. I also love what a beautiful spirit you are and how much you love your family and how easy it is to see that in your writing and your blog. Thanks so much for the inspiration for the monthly post. Blessings from cold and snowy MN!

  5. Love that you’re documenting these stories. Trust me, they’ll be priceless to the kiddos soon enough. I’m currently going through my grandmother’s photos and papers with my mom for a blog post, and I can’t tell you how cherished they are!! It’s why I keep up with my blog too. If only I had posts like this from when my mom was raising us…

  6. I love this challenge so much. I hope to get better at the note taking however! You record such precious memories to go along with the photo. I love that. You can check my effort in my link. Thanks for such great inspiration.

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