“We are our faces. That’s all there is, light on faces.” Garry Winogrand

There is a little camera that I keep by my front door. I grab it randomly, and only when the mood strikes. Sometimes I forget about it for weeks. Sometimes I think of it everyday.

This is the film from my Nikon One Touch, taken February through June 2016. Kodak Portra and Ektar. Scanned by Pro Photo Connection, Irvine.


One morning after breakfast.


Oakland. Rachel, Tara, and Ellie’s first sushi lunch date.


Favorites in my yard.


No more pink bedroom. Still okay with pink unicorn.



My parents sell the house. My daughter in my bedroom window.


Ellie “naps” on my couch.


Drove to Encinitas for a Craigslist score that didn’t work out.


This velveteen rabbit couch.




Mother’s Day.


Father’s Day.


Thinking about making dinner.


The pool is warm enough to enjoy again.


French braids before going out to dinner.

tarawhitney16_695tarawhitney16_696I was told this plant would attract butterflies so when a caterpillar appeared I left him alone and he devoured the whole thing.
Here you see that the plant and the caterpillar came back.
(I choose to believe.)

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  1. Hi Tara – thanks so much for all of the inspiration you’ve given me all of these years. Your work is so beautiful and touching. I think your work is the very first that drew me to photography. Anyways, that is a female monarch and you’ve purchased a milkweed (which is their host plant). That butterfly is most likely laying eggs which will hatch into little monarch caterpillars. They devour everything! They’ll crawl away to make their chrysalis and then in about 7-10 days you’ll have a new butterfly emerge. My two boys (4 and 6) love watching this process! Enjoy and hopefully you’ll see Monarchs for many seasons to come. :)

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