A family on vacation in California. We met up in my favorite local beach town and took a walk. San Clemente pier, the overgrown bougainvillea, T Street, the train, and Lifeguard stand #5 for this beautiful family of five. Loved their easy vibe, and I am OBSESSED with these girls and all of their long straight hair.

I’ve been working away from home so much this year that it’s nice to feature a session on my own stomping ground.


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  1. Magic again Ms. Whitney! I love everything about this session. Their connection is so effortless…and that beautiful mother looks like she’s one of the sisters!! I would be blowing up that last black and white shot extra BIG! LOVE LOVE – all of it!! xx

  2. Ahhh, the moment when you find a new post here and you are so excited to dive in. But then you start scrolling slowly because you don’t want it to end!!! Love the vibe and beauty as always. You are such a gift to this world, Tara! Thank you for sharing with us. I don’t shoot anymore, but still enjoy your inspiration.

  3. What a beautiful shoot – and what an amazing family & pair of sisters! They all look so relaxed. I can see how they are on vacation and enjoying themselves. This looks amazing. I looooove the bougainvillea photos! Amazing.

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