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So many of my clients start excusing their houses the minute I walk in. Worried it’s not good enough, embarrassed that people live there when there’s no need to be. I’ve shot in a handful of truly remarkable homes, but 75% of my at home sessions are normal, darkish, with stuff shoved in a closet I’m not supposed to look in, and juuuuust enough options to make it work. I understand why people are hesitant to shoot at home. It’s a little scary, and the over saturation of perfect rooms makes us doubt what’s really important. **It’s not the cleanliness of the location, I can promise you that.** Please trust me with your space. Even if it’s a dark, messy, shared, basement bedroom.

Correction: especially if it’s that.


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  1. GAH you always inspire me! This is no exception. You focus so much more on the connection than making “pretty” or “perfect” photos and that’s why you’re so bomb. (p.s. Your photos *are* pretty and perfect IMO, but not in the traditional sense. You know what I mean. xo)

  2. Cathy Zielske shared a link to this post, and after looking at it, I’m wishing you had taken photos of my family when our child was small. These are beautiful, and you can feel the love between the members of this family. Beautiful shoot.

  3. Tara, my dear, you are the queen of your craft. Thank you for showing me that my children are happy and loved despite our messy house. Despite the playset that hasn’t been stained in years. Despite their shared space. You allowed me to see past what I thought I was supposed to be. You captured us perfectly. It’s why I waited for you to get brave and step in front of the lens for the first time. And although I had never met you until that day, I’m so very glad I did meet you. Hoping you make an annual trip back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Love from MN.

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