Earlier this year, we deemed 2016 The Year of Magical Experiences, so with some extra money in the bank and some pretty independent kids, we decided it was time to make the time and spend the money on ourselves. For a long time we have limited what we spent money on in order to pay off debt and, you know, pay for simple things like college and cars for our growing teenagers. The only trips we took were connected to me working.

We have wanted to go on this trip for years, to see my husband’s favorite band in concert, somewhere in a dirt field in Baja, Sonora, Mexico.

This one was just for us, just because.

You may never guess that seven years ago we were talking about a divorce. But that is the plain and simple truth. We were.

There is nothing in this life that I am more grateful for than the way we worked through the past/pain/oldhabits and for what we have now as a result.


Good light at a rest stop bathroom.


Almost to Ajo.


There was an oscillating fan, christmas lights, and a sign in the lobby of the motel that said
“Refunds within the first hour, no questions asked.”
We made eyes at each other over the friendly employee at the counter who told us where to eat dinner.


Always drive slowly past pink houses.


Breakfast in Ajo.



Last stop before the border crossing.


Gulf of California. Puerto Penasco.


Fish tacos three times a day? Ok.


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  1. Your work ALWAYS draws me in – the colors, the composition, the feel, everything. I need to start saving for you to come out to Nashville to photograph my family at home — it is a dream of mine.

    Also, I’m so glad you guys are still together.

  2. Love this! Your kids will love having those images of you guys having fun together :) and speaking from personal experience, I think being open about your marriage, how close you were to divorce and making it to other side, is the the BEST example for your kids. My parents have a similar story and I always tell them I am so thankful for that example. It’s even better than believing marriage is always chocolate and roses. XO

  3. My boyfriend at the time ( now husband) and I got to meet Roger Clyne and the guys after a concert in Houston. They were so great that I became a rabid fan and we drove to Puerto Pensaco that summer ( we missed their concert). Realizing we travelled really well together helped solidify our commitment. I understand your magical experience. True love.

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