Those early days of slowing down and sleepless nights and learning and loving a new human being. The four times I experienced this are forever imprinted within me, four of my most treasured experiences. I bring my deep appreciation for this fleeting time to every newborn I am lucky enough to photograph.

Over the course of our time together, I noticed the book I made for them last time was front and center on a bookshelf in the dining area. Dad noticed me noticing, and said something like, “Having you take our photos is one of the best things we have ever done.” To hear that, especially from a Dad is just … I was just … I am sure you can imagine. To say I was appreciative that he shared that with me and overwhelmed by the support is an understatement.

We began the session at 7am, to give time for them to get the boys ready for school. I arrived as the children woke and the baby needed to feed. This first photo was taken just as I walked in the door, just the way they greeted me, friendly and warm, with sleepy smiles.


tarawhitney16_473 (1)


This is my second newborn session with this family, and I have only just realized I never shared the first. (I’ll have to fix that this week.)

Travel update – OCT / NYC is now sold out. I have openings left for Paris/London in July and San Francisco in November.

Announcing a brand new location for September on Monday!

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  1. You are my favorite photographer worldwide . Your photos show the best of life, all that really matters. I hope someday to get something like this with my camera for families in my city. I am a mom of Argentina (I used google translator to write ) and your photos make me mourn . Thank you!

  2. Love the story telling of these real moments in time . I’m crying over here trying to hang onto those memories of my own . I would have loved for them to be documented xxx . All the love from Australia .

  3. I don’t think I have ever commented before, but I felt like today was the day. I have been a long time follower of your work and your life and am so very grateful for the technology that allows you to share in your journey. I am a photographer and admire your style and talent. I am also 6 mos. pregnant with my second child, my first is a beautiful 6 year old girl. I have been dealing with the fear of doing this all over again, and the doubt and all that goes along with it that causes negativity to blossom in my mind that I cannot possibly do this again, not at 38! But then I see sessions like this. With families with even smaller kids at home, and newborns. And I see the reality and it’s not so bad. Yes there will be sleepless nights, yes the house will never be clean again, yes I will drown in pots of coffee just to function at work each day. But it is beautiful. The blessing that is this child, the blessing that is this life I have chosen, far outweighs all of the bad, and the doubt. So I wanted to thank you for that epiphany this morning! Keep up the great work!

  4. I had not looked at your blog or your work in quite a while. I am blown away by the beauty and simplicity in these images. They are powerful and gorgeous!

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