I was supposed to meet this family last year, in San Francisco, while they were on vacation. The day of our session I woke up with a stomach bug. The kind where you think you might actually die, and you hope you do. It was awful for me to have to cancel on them, but in the end I am so glad I got sick that day. It wouldn’t have been right to photograph them anywhere but in their warm, beautiful, personality filled home. They bbq’d while we hung out a bit and then we jumped in the car to find a big open field for portraits. The trouble was, the big fields in their area were private property. We ended up having to trespass to use the spot we really wanted, via climbing a gate, and I was wearing a dress which made the situation even funnier, because we were already laughing and feeling mischievous.

I got exactly the field and the photographs and the light I wanted. The sun set on our backs as we ran back to the car.


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  1. So happy you posted these! Posted on our 18 year wedding anniversary, I might add. I still can’t get over them… makes us all smile and laugh when we see them all. Such a treasure, Tara! I’ve said it before that I soo wish I would have had my phone on me to snap you climbing the fence!

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