This family has hired me once a year since 2009.

I love working with them because their family connection is incredible. Katy and Ben (Mom & Dad) are quick to laugh and the kids are remarkably interesting – and really into taking photos. We have done sessions in Los Angeles apartments, two other homes, the beach, and on a nature walk. Someday we’d like to do a camping session together, because they love to go camping. But we’ve never done the beach at sunset, which was like a “how in the world did that happen??!” kind of moment when we realized. Katy loves taking photos of her family at sunset and really wanted to be able to be inside the photos. So, that’s what we planned for this year.

The day of the session, the weather was sketchy. It was either going to be one of those days where things blow over or one of those days where we got a storm. Katy and I decided to go for it, thinking there was no way the weather would actually turn bad. About halfway through, just as they started a cookie picnic, we felt raindrops and ran for cover. We talked out our options, and I decided to re-convene at a local coffee shop for hot cocoa. The coffee shop was quaint and cozy and sweet, the perfect end to a blustery beach shoot.

As the sun began to set, the rain cleared. We could see hot pink sky at the horizon and decided to chase it. They drained their coffee/hot cocoa’s and we high-tailed it to the nearest beach spot, barely making it for one or two sunset shots before the day was done for good.


Just for fun:

Our very first session together.

Edie’s newborn session.

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  1. You share these little snippets of time in a messy, random way. Sharing your own challenges that are messy and owning them, allows your inner child to take photos and come out to play. We are all made of light and dark, the secret is to keep balance. You are the best Ms Whitney. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh how lovely Tara. I love the photo of the three children hugging Mom’s leg. And the messy kiss is so fun! Last photo is gorgeous too. You are a Goddess dear Tara!

  3. You know I love these and I love you! They’re some of my very favorites… even though choosing a favorite would be totally impossible because I love them all. xo

  4. WOW – that very last picture just blows my mind! Aaaah!
    Thank you so much for sharing your work with as, as always. It’s a pleasure to see the world through your eyes, and especially who you see & find people.

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