Sarah & Frank await the arrival of Mylo

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My heart swelled a bit when I saw that their due date was stuck in place on the perpetual calendar that sat on the shelf above her computer. I loved up on their dog and marveled at her open and free spirit. I love a girl who can jump on the bed at nine months pregnant. I mean, come on.

When I left, I hugged her and asked, “Can we be friends?” Thankfully she laughed and said, YES.

Got a text a few days later from Sarah: “I can still smell you on my dog and I am obsessed.” (fyi Patchouli oil all day erry day)

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  1. tara. wow. sarah shared these with me a few weeks ago and i sat still with my jaw hanging open. they are the favorite of yours, ever. and i have followed you for a long, long time. they speak to me in so many epic ways. and i hate that word, epic, but these photos deserve it. i know her and i see how you lit her fire to come alive for you. and i mean for you, as though the camera was not there. true art.

  2. Tara-
    these are beautiful photos. What a beautiful couple! You are like a spirit photographer, there but not there – it’s not just beauty or an image you capture, but spirit, soul, essence, time, energy, radiance, light & love… bravo.

  3. I kept saying “this one’s my favorite” “no this one’s my favorite” as I scrolled through. I finally gave up. I love them all. They are incredible! Thank you for sharing! Hope we get to see baby Mylo.

  4. These photos made me cry. At first because they are so beautiful and honest that they punched me in the heart, and then because I so want these for myself…and I wasn’t brave enough to have maternity photos with any of my three children. If I ever have a fourth (gasp! did I just type that?!) you will be the first person I call!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog (have I been living under a rock?!). These photos stopped me in my typing-tracks. They’re stunning! You captured such intimacy, and personality and beauty in this shoot. I love it. So happy to “meet” you ;)

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