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Oct 2014

Meet Major Tom, our boat.

We share this fixer upper sailboat with friends. I call it our tent on the water. He is named after a song in Walter Mitty. The boat is our Kristen Wiig singing Major Tom helicopter moment (if you’ve seen the movie, you know exactly what I mean!) We just kind of WENT FOR IT, without knowing anything about boats at all. Let me submit exhibit A into evidence: the first time we motored around the harbor, something went wrong with our tiller, and we had to wave down a fisherman and meekly ask to be towed back to our mooring ball.

Not exactly pumped about being on the open sea just yet, but hanging out and sleeping over every once in awhile is pretty cool.

We drove down to scrape the bottom of the boat and hang out a few days after I got home from Bali in October. I was on a total high but still jet lagged, so cleaning up a bit, then laying out/reading on the boat while the kids swam and the husband scraped an ecosystem off the bottom sounded pretty good. It turned out to be a really perfect way to ease back into family life after being gone for ten days, focused purely on myself. I reconnected with everyone again, in a real way, as we spent the day together. I came home from that trip with a new-found sense of calm, which made me so …this sounds so hokey but it’s TRUE I’m sorry… so open to joy, and on this day I soaked every morsel up.

Something always happens to me near the water. Being on top of it, surrounded by it, is something entirely on another level of inspiration for me. I am always privately losing my shit over the ripples and tones of blue in the water. It’s ridiculous but I can’t get over it. I have probably taken nine thousand versions of the same shot – just variations of ripples on water.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.


Film notes : shot on the Nikon One Touch – I noticed some focusing issues and exposure issues with a large portion of my roll. As this is a point and shoot camera I don’t know if it’s the camera or the low ISO of the film I was using. Shot on Kodak Ektar, which can and did make a lot of the skin tones red. Kind of afraid to run another roll of film through that camera, but I need to test it out.

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  1. Being in and around water has the same effect on me. I am most content when I am on a sailboat, but unfortunately married a landlubber. Love your swimsuit!

  2. Soooo, I am in awe of the fact that you enjoy shooting film in this digital age. You are brave and inspirational. I started out shooting film with my Dad’s Pentax K1000. He recently gave that to me as my one family heirloom. I want so badly to use it… everyday! But find myself afraid to take the risk. To lose the LCD, to make myself take one shot at a time and make it count! I really believe that while digital has helped my photography, it may have also hurt it, and the best way to find out is to go back to film. My other hesitation is finding a way to have it developed. Nowhere around my area does it anymore….. But I cannot thank you enough for making me think about it!!!! I love your posts and your energy!!!!! Thanks for sharing your life wit us.

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