I wish I could infuse this entry with the same kind of energy that enveloped this session. So that you might feel a piece of it. The beauty in this home, this family … wasn’t just skin deep, surface….it went under my skin and I am reminded of it often.

Santa Barbara, CA.

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  1. Well, you did it. The photos are ABSOLUTELY infused with their energy and the magic synergy of your energy melded with theirs! BRAVO! Gorgeous session, of course, and the mama? I want to be her! She is so gorgeous and looks so grounded. xoxo

  2. What a gift! They shared that evening with you – WOW – and you shared your photos with them. All in all: such a beautiful gift!! I’m totally falling in love with them :) makes me want to move in with them! Cook in that kitchen. Have dinner guests over in the backyard. Say a toast with those white wine glasses in my hand… I hope this doesn’t sound creepy. It just looks extremely welcoming! Sooooo beautiful.

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