Spring Break road trip up to Pismo Beach, just me and the kids.

We stayed on my parents’ campsite while they were participating in the Pismo Beach Vintage Trailer Show. I remember feeling the most relaxed I had felt in months spending time here. And here’s why: The life size Mangoritas I drank, the sound of the frogs, the large pine trees towering overhead, sleeping in our tent without the rain flap.

Also unforgettable: The bonding conversation I had with the boys on the drive home, in the dark, alone on the road. The family walk on the beach just after the sun set. My kids dog sitting and riding bikes all day. The bike ride I took with my Mom. The long talk on the sand dunes that I had with my stepdad. Accidentally throwing the fast food cup full of sand dollars away in a McDonald’s parking lot on our drive home. Anna and I had collected them during our stay, and I actually cried when I realized what I had done. My mom and her friends coming to the rescue and finding more to bring home for us.



Here’s a little video from this trip that I shared on Instagram.

FYI : I am going to be on vacation until mid October. Any emails or questions will be taken care of when I return. From Bali. I AM GOING TO BALI.

I won’t be posting on my blog until I get home, but you can follow along with me on Instagram if you’d like!


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