popcorn and peekaboo – boutwell family

Doug and Chenin and Maxfield and Scout. They love to make popcorn. They love to read. They love to love each other.

I love:

the yo gabba gabba guy that somehow found his way into many shots
Chenin laughing at Max
Doug reading
Max’s smooshy adorable face
Scout’s golden shiny smiles
all of the kitchen popcorn making
laughing peekaboo
THEIR HOUSE – hello!


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  1. What a beautiful family and their house, can I move in tomorrow ;) You are so talented, you are able to capture such true emotion. You are pure magic!

  2. Tara, you’ve outdone yourself on this session. It’s so warm and intimate… a peek into a little slice of their life. These are the photos that spark memories and are kept in an easily accessible place where they can be looked at over and over again. Well done, my friend.

  3. As I was looking at these I was thinking of that Carly Simon song, Nobody does it better…I see Bentley was thinking the same thing…you are a MASTER, and they are one cute family! Awesome!

  4. (i noticed that yo gabba gabba guy – one of my favorite details as well, lol) i wish you would come to milwaukee – i can offer you fantastic cheese and the best frozen custard in the world. . .i’d love pics like this of my family:)

  5. I love baby girls dimples and baby boys cleft chin!!!! tooo cute! what a super gorgeous family, I mean could you get any more good looking?! I don’t think so!!! that house = amazing!!!
    great beautiful captures. maybe my favorite of yours, like ever!

  6. this is by far one of your best at home/family sessions to date.
    it shows your growth and talent, creativity and ability to direct them in the most casual and natural way. i simply loved it. i want one of my own family like it!!!
    love the triptych. brilliant!!

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