popcorn and peekaboo – boutwell family

Doug and Chenin and Maxfield and Scout. They love to make popcorn. They love to read. They love to love each other.

I love:

the yo gabba gabba guy that somehow found his way into many shots
Chenin laughing at Max
Doug reading
Max’s smooshy adorable face
Scout’s golden shiny smiles
all of the kitchen popcorn making
laughing peekaboo
THEIR HOUSE – hello!


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  1. Seriously insanely beautiful family and photos!! I am saving my pennies to have you take our family pics sometime when we are in the area….we live in Seattle. Any chance you want to fly up here and do a weekend’s worth of mini sessions?? I love your work!! AND, I would love to know where to find that picnic blanket/blanket in the bubbles photo. LOVE!!

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