40 iPhone snaps from a beach bonfire

1. Nathan can’t take the cold water, so he sits on partially used boogie board.
2. Rachel, girlfriend of brother Shane, adorable
3. Megan, girlfriend of sister Karissa, adorable
4. BFF’s
5. Tony (stepdad) and Justin bbqing dogs
6. Drew and Karissa in search of snacks
7. snacks
8. Uncle Mike
9. Shane & Rach
10. treasures on a pretty tablecloth
11. Hope Less Romantic ink on Megan
12. Justin (cutie boyfriend of sister Alisha, taking her place while she does good work in Indonesia)
13. Mom smiles
14. Bolsa Chica State Beach
15. Dogs
16. Cute Karissa in shades
17. Cute Anna making a home for her sandcrabs
18. Me, smiling with the crinkly nose genetically gifted by Mom
19. Karissa and Megan with margaritas
20. BE STILL MY HEART, this boy.
21. One squinty boy in a pink towel
22. More dry, still squinty
23. Pyrotechnics with Nate and Justin
24. Anna dry and snuggly
25. Another squinty boy – marveled when I noticed this resemblance between them
26. Used snacks
27. Never let them touch the sand
28. Cute folded up jeans
29. Bonfire
30. S’more face
31. She also likes to lick the beaters – this makes sense
32. Missing Alisha
33. Missing Mckenna
34. Drew-sicle and Rachel-sicle are what they call each other
35. I could eat those cheeks.
36. Getting Shane to do impressions
37. Rach opening birthday presents
38. Who does this teenager belong to?
39. Snuggle bunnies
40. His backwards hat

All shot on iPhone.

I am so glad I live here.


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  1. So glad we live here too Tara! thanks for the memories and I’m already looking forward to our Aug beach family day…..
    great song,great Video!!!!!! loved it

  2. Just moved to OC from Texas, my girls are so excited to be so close to the beach! which beach is this? I promise not to stalk you:-) I have been following your blog for a long time. Love your photography and candid blogging

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