well hung – mask home

This is the beautiful home of Cherie Mask.

Bedroom – 8×12 mounted on styrene

Hallway – 24×36 mounted and framed

Bookcase – 11×14 canvas

Squares – 20×20 in IKEA clip frames (no longer sold)

Her session can be found here.

More Well Hung here.



Edited – Thanks to blog reader Grethel, who found an online source for 20×20 glass clip frames here.

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  1. oh my goodnes, oh my goodness!!!

    Love how they have horizontals in black frames without white mats. What a gorgeous home…beautiful people…amazing art!

  2. I got excited about this post when I saw the title before I even saw the photos! I read Cherie’s blog pretty faithfully and after seeing one of these photos (I think over a year ago) I tried to get those frames at Ikea and was heart broken that they no longer sell them. :( Gorgeous photos and gorgeous displays of them!!

  3. I am so in love with everything Tara Whitney! I loved your interview on the candid frame, I am savoring every post of “well hung”. I am so very happy I found your blog. I am an aspiring Midwestern Photographer and wanted to say thank you for the inspiration. I’d love any advice you have for someone starting out. Thanks!!! And amazing work, every image makes me smile. You are the “happy photographer”.

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