well hung – guidry home

The home of Gia Guidry.

It’s true. Everything is bigger in Texas – even the client enlargements! She went for it with a 40×60 canvas of her favorite image.

I am so proud of her. She wins the prize for biggest Tara photo in her home.

The photos on the easel are 11×14 and mounted on styrene. In her email to me she said this about them, “I ordered a bunch of 11×14’s on these easels in the foyer and the kids love switching them around (usually displaying a picture of themselves every time they walk by!)”

Gia’s session here.

More Well Hung here.



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  1. Oh my gosh..I would like to jump in an airplane to come over with my family for a familyshoot RIGHT NOW!
    Iam already thinking for a longer time how I can make this happen though….just making the combination holdiday and our familyportraits getting done. Till now dh does not getting happy by the idea for a long flight.But I will keep trying! :>))

    Jola, from Holland

  2. I love seeing your “well hung” posts. So fun! I love the 11×14’s on the easels and being able to change them out. What a great idea. I want to do that. And I love the easels she used. Can you tell us where she purchased those easels? I love it!

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