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Photographer Cafe is known for its practical, stylish products that save you valuable time.  From marketing materials to card templates to album templates to an inspirational blog, Photographer Cafe is a phenomenal resource for photographers of all levels and experience.

Photographer Cafe recently introduced its BASIC Newsletter content and templates.  You instinctively know how powerful a newsletter is for  keeping in touch with your clients and attracting new clients, and you understand how important it is to keep up your marketing efforts in this very competitive industry.  However, if you’re like us, “send out newsletter” is always on your To Do list, but it somehow gets moved lower and lower down the list as other, more pressing tasks arise!  Or, you may actually take the time to sit and draft a newsletter, only to find yourself plagued by writer’s block.

Photographer Cafe is here to rescue you!  2011 is the year you will send out the gorgeous newsletters you’ve always envisioned.  Photographer Cafe makes it so simple – you can customize and send out a newsletter within a matter of minutes!  With 12 beautifully crafted mini articles, you will have enough content for a year’s worth of quarterly email campaigns.  Our content is especially designed  for lifestyle child and family photographers and allows you to effectively communicate your style, expectations, and promotions with an upbeat, yet professional voice.

One especially lucky winner will receive a free Newsletter set of his or her choice.  Choose from Retro, Curves, or Contemporary, whatever suits your style.  Getting your newsletters done is going to feel soooooo good!

To enter:

Leave a comment below (only comments on the blog will apply) telling one marketing effort you plan to make in February. The giveaway ends Sunday, Feb 6 @ 9pm PST.

The winner will be emailed.

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  1. I have a meeting with a local boutique. We hope to work together – I’ll photograph their new spring merchandise for their facebook page and display in the store in exchange for displaying my work also in the store.

  2. I just posted on my blog about a portrait sale (in honour of all the snow I get in Ontario…) and it was totally photographer cafe’s idea to do it…they mentioned earlier this week about how easy it was to do just a couple of little things…connect with a couple of clients. Well, I followed their advice, and the winter portrait sale is ON. I’m also working on a boudoir marathon that I’m going to start talking about this month.

  3. I’m having a table at a local show/market to how my photographs, give out cards and run a competition. And maybe a newsletter…..if I’m lucky! :D

  4. I would love to win ~ I am so bad at making my own designs! I am hoping to kick the marketing up a notch in February by sending out at least one email newsletter and one casting call for newbies! :)

  5. Keep the sample wedding photo book that I purchased extra for myself (a $90 investment thank you very much)out of reach of my three little ones as I continue to make that separation between things that are for them to look at and enjoy and those that they need to stay away from and respect for momma’s work.

    A small step, but an important one.

  6. I’m starting a monthly portrait session based solely on meeting more people in the community and hearing their stories. My goal is threefold: to reach a wider group, to differentiate myself, and to stretch myself personally and professionally. Oh, and newsletters would be nice, too :)

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