well hung – the lindgren home

This is the second installation of Well Hung. For this feature, I will share photos taken by my clients of the photos that I took for them.

What did they end up doing with them?

How did they feature them on their walls/in their home?

In doing so, I am hoping to inspire other clients to get their own images up, and share some ideas from very real people and their very real homes.

By the way, if you are a past client and you would like YOUR home featured, please email me for details! I would love to share.

This is the front room of the Lindgren home, using a selection of images from our first session together.

They came back for a second session too.

I am still hoping for a third.

I love everything about this room and I wish I could eat it. (Except the cat, I have to say, I am highly allergic). That light streaming through the windows! I am going to link to several of the items in the room because I emailed Visty immediately and asked for sources, and I am guessing you might want to know too. I want those curtains and I want that rug and I also would like those gigantic fabric bins. The paint color is perfection. (Sherwin-Williams Opaline) I would take the lamp and dresser as well, if that wasn’t pushing it.

Thank you Visty, for letting me share, for sending me links, and for taking photos before Ellery messed it up. Although, that would have been fun, too.



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  1. i came back to tell you that i followed the links and when i tried to get to visty’s account of the second session, i couldn’t get there. but the url made me laugh. “tara whitney lost my babys dolly” ha! nice.

  2. Laura, Visty has since taken her blog down and is only posting on the one I linked to. It’s too bad, too. She is such an amazing writer. But I am hoping without the blog she will publish a book.

  3. Dresser: thrifted. Rocking chair: old family chair. Lamp: 1960’s thrifted, lampshade Target. Rocking horse: from Magiccabin.com. That particular one isn’t there anymore, but they have something similar. Treehouse: from Seasonnaturaltoys.com. It was a birthday present to ME from my husband, but I let the kids play with it. ;) Doll buggy (aka shopping cart, doll car, and toddler hallway thrill ride): made by Haba and can be found at lots of websites, but no longer from the one I had used. Front opening wooden toy bin from Land of Nod. Little wooden people painted to look like us: made by wonderful etsy seller gemmilou, and I see she is doing custom people again after taking a break. Cat: from the intersection of two forest service roads near Index, Washington.

  4. Beautiful display, and inspiring too. Now if I could only get myself to do the same of my own kid’s photos. What’s that saying about the shoemaker? That’s me. This WILL be my winter project. There, now it’s out in blogsphere (for all it’s worth).

  5. i *adore* the way your photography is featured in this gorgeous play space. absolutely beautiful!

    @Visty – love that you posted about each gorgeous item, but i must know where you found that rug! :)

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