louisiana accents

I was really moved by this group. In fact, before I even pulled out of the parking lot after the session was over, I updated my twitter feed with this. Because it was. It was heaven.

They were relaxed and funny and we laughed at all of each other’s jokes. What a genuinely good time we had together. I love when that happens. They gave to me just as much as I gave to them. It makes my job so easy. Not even really like a job. More like following friends around and making them laugh and feel pretty. Made me feel lucky, and full, and complete, and grateful, and so very full of gladness. I thank them for that.

You can read Gia’s account of our session here, and see me looking like a drowned rat. Double bonus.



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  1. So. I’m in my son’s school parking lot today, in Langley BC Canada … a friend taps on my window and says, “HEY I stopped by your blog – you follow Tara?? She does my friend’s pics in OC!!”

    It’s a small, small world :-) … so – just wanted to say “hi”. Love your work, it’s a place I come to be inspired …


  2. Love your relaxed portraits.

    Adorable family. I love seeing families with teens/preteens in front of the camera. Such an important time in a family…needs to be documented. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the way their outfits all fit together, yet they aren’t matchy, matchy. Just perfect.

  3. What a cute family! My favorite pic is the first color shot of the kids squishing in for a hug. So sweet.

    What part of Louisiana are they from? Being a native of south Louisiana (Houma area) has made me curious. :)

  4. What an adorable family!! I LOVE the clothing choices and the colors! I love long shirts on the beach, something so comforting about it! lol This looks like it was a fun session!!

  5. they look like a GREAT family!
    LOVE these so much!!!
    tara, you just have that way about you, that makes
    feel people feel warm and welcomed, loved and accepted.
    make them feel like they have come home.
    I love that about yoU!
    tara pp

  6. Oh, you did this shoot in Huntington Beach, didn’t you? I can see the Ruby’s on the pier. Sigh. It makes me miss SoCal so much. I grew up there and spent my entire life there until my mid-twenties. Even lived in HB for two years. I miss it so today! With your post the other day about the drive-thru Mexican place that is your favorite (which made me think of Pedros Tacos in San Clemente!) and this post with all the images of my former stomping grounds … let’s just say I can’t wait until Christmas when I will be in CA for three whole weeks and loving it! :-) xoxo, Christianne

  7. Ahhhhh, so lovely, as always Tara!!! You really do know how to bring out the life of a family when you do your shoots them. I am always so inspired by your images, and your words you have to go along with them.

    I have to know, what lens or lenses did you use on this particular shoot? Please tell!!! I use a Nikon, and am in the market for a new lens.

    Thanks, and adore your craft……..


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