brown eyed girls

I melt into these eyes.

They are each brown eyed girls, but the browns are so different.

Anna’s are dark chocolate, black coffee, Labrador.

Mckenna’s are milk chocolate, a leather couch, wet sand.

These two are the bookends of our family, seven years apart, yet can share shoes and shirts.

I took these on the day that Maile took our photos. I have more to share from that day, but will have to get to it next week, because I need a break from this computer, man.



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  1. Oh Tara – that’s the magical thing about you – you caught my kids’ eyes, too. It’s like I can see the spark that is Anna, and the depth that is McKenna. Taylor’s eyes are McKenna’s color….just a *titch* more hazel, and you caught that one eye is more golden than the other. I’ve never been able to capture that. I had the PTSA meeting here today and things came to a halt as everyone admired your pictures of our family. Have to take a picture of my pictures to share.

  2. I’ve been admiring your work now for two years. In that I’ve had to pleasure to watch your family grow. You’re darling girls are beautiful! (Your boys as well!)
    Thank you for sharing your work. I love your style and only wish I could afford to fly you to Michigan to photograph my family! If you’re ever here, look me up! I’d love to compare notes!
    Yours truly, Trujen

  3. Oh wow, these are just so beautiful. They both are. I love the one of McKenna, she looks so beautiful in this picture, this one is made for a fram :)
    Is the one of Anna bade in the back of the woody?
    These are gorgeous T.


  4. Tara, I don’t get around to posting comments on our page very much because I’m so busy but, your photography inspires me, your style inspires me, your family is adorable and I pray that you are all well in spirit and in health! Love visiting your blog:-)

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