a VW bus, a beach, and my kids

Here are the rest of the shots that I took the day Maile photographed my family on the beach, as promised.

I realized upon looking through them that I was focusing a lot on Mckenna, to make sure I got some good ones of her. And I focused on her so much, that I didn’t get many of the other kids. Oh well, that happens sometimes. And thankfully, Maile was there to fill in the gaps.

These are all straight out of the camera. (SOOC) I am leaning more and more towards this type of feel with my photographs. Nailing it when I take it, and often just adjusting curves a little bit, and leaving it. I sharpen for posting on the web, and that’s about it. I am okay with tiny imperfections. I like them.

Some of these are definitely going up in my house – they will forever bring back memories of that lovely day.

Love these little rats. So, so much. Even though they each have an IV hooked up to my arm, draining me to empty everyday. I would rather give everything I have to them, than anyone or anything else.



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  1. Really beautiful shots! Love the one of McKenna looking off to the side with her sunglasses on her head, and the other kids mugging for the camera. Great expressions in all of them. Love them! (AND the IV analogy. Oh yes, you got it perfectly!)

  2. I love the photos of Mckenna sitting in the door of the van. My favorite photos of kids, are those tiny glimpses where you see into the future and catch what they’re going to look like as an adult. I can totally see McKenna as a grown up there.

  3. Love!! That set of the boys together is just awesome. I’ve been feeling the same way about my processing, especially for P365 shots. A little vignette, a little sharpening and I’m good to go. I’m really starting to hate the auto-fix in LR. That’s a good thing, right? :)

    P.S. The Ephiphanie bag my awesome BFF got me for my bday has finally shipped! Wooooo!

  4. Stunning. So real, and that’s why we love you. :)

    That last paragraph you wrote obviously spoke to me. I closed my eyes with a lump in my throat and stomach.

    Thanks as always,

  5. As usual, these photos are simply magnificent and all four of your children are just gorgeous. The large photo of Mckenna sitting with her feet dangling out of the van stopped me dead in my tracks. What a beauty.

  6. those ‘brothers’ shots are the most touching of all! LOVE THEM!
    they have a very sweet bond tara, I can see it!
    don’t worry, my 2 girls drain me every day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
    love the photos!
    tara pp

  7. These are amazing. I think these are the most beautiful shots you have ever taken of Mckenna. Love the ones of her sitting in the bus, looking off to the side. And I love that we get to see your kids the way you see them. Just perfect.

  8. McKenna is just lovely and beautiful. Oh man. Anna with the braids and the boots. Oh. The last one of your boys with your reflection in their sunglasses. Oh oh oh.

  9. these are beautiful Tara! And if these are SOOC then hot damn, go for it!! What a time saver. Such a freeing thing to do. The best part about these pictures is that everyone looks completely happy. You are such a great mom to these sweet little kids. Even if they drain you day after day. I can relate to that! And, I call my kids my “little rats” too. haha. These are spectacular! And the light is delicious. I love how you are always evolving and continue to make sure that you shoot for YOU too.

  10. I feel strangely voyeuristic reading blogs and keeping up with others lives…I check your blog every now and then and really truly love the way you let us in… you tell us a story of your life….these are truly some of the most emotional photos of your family I have seen…they are beautiful as is your family. Thank you for what you do and who you are.

  11. Ahhhhh, please make a collage of those shots of your boys for each of their future dorm rooms. Totally made me smile and my eyes sting a little with happy. :) You have gorgeous kiddos.

  12. Wow is Mckenna looking so grown up and so beautiful all of a sudden! I love the one of her sitting in the van looking a little to the left (img7880). It’s wonderful :)

  13. Tara, your SOOC is pretty impressive! I really love the one of the boys wearing their sunglasses and being carefree and loving. I also went to Maile’s website and saw your modeling photos! Who knew…one day you would become the model you imagined as a kid. First off, you looked perfect with that bag in that bug. Second, I now want one of those bags with all of my heart!!!!!

  14. Love these! The light, the kids, how the boys are interacting . . .
    I need to start embracing my SOOC shots. Sitting at the computer for hours editing is not an option with my dry eye issues and other family responsibilities. Thanks for posting!!

  15. Oh, I just love these and ALL of your work. And thank you for sharing… I have often wondered what processing you did or didn’t do. I too am getting a bit over processing. It just gets too much.

    And every time I see that red VW I WANT ONE! and as for the bag… mine is being shipped too. Yeah! can’t wait…..

  16. I know you will hold the memories of this day forever.All the moments in time captured are beautiful.And being grandma I have the right to be partial and I love them all!! But none seem as priceless or as precious as the captured ones of Mckenna. True treasure and a moments glimpse into the future of the young lady she is becoming.Wow

  17. I love the boys glasses and the brotherly bond they obviously share! The girls are so pretty and really growing up! Just seeing the pictures really make me miss you guys. Love you! Sum

  18. Love them all – so endearing Tara, and breathtaking – as always par with you (your view through the lens is amazing). And yes, I would so rather give everything I have to my 5 little kiddies than not have anything or any of them at that! We are so blessed………..

    Oh and, thanks for getting back to me with your lens info – much appreciated!!


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