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I have been sitting on this blog post, writing and deleting for an entire day. I can’t put my feelings about this session into words. The best thing I can say is that I loved the way this family loved each other.

There are certain times when I am working with my face behind the camera, and my own tears will fog up my glasses. I am an extremely emotional person every day of my life. Next to the definition of the word SAP is a big ol’ picture of me, taken while trying not to break into the ugly cry during a commercial. It makes sense that these same emotions carry over into my job. I get so invested in the emotional connection of a family that often I get goosebumps, or my heart beats THUMP THUMP in my chest, or I get a lump in my throat, or my glasses fog up with tears.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This session was one of those times. They flew all the way from Brazil. Our session was peppered with beautiful, thick Portuguese accents. The kindness, love, and openness just oozed from this foursome, and I was the lucky one that got to sponge it up. Sponge up the love. They gave me their feelings so trustingly, and so honestly that they took my breath away over and over again.

(This is the third time I have posted photos from this session. You can see other images here and here.)



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  1. as i read this my eyes start to water too. i dont know if its because ive been an emotial trainwreck today – the feelings just get passed on to me through your pictures – everyone says the same thing – and its because the people you get to work with are so magical – they arent plain janes – they are the janes that have passion and love for life, family friends and one another. and you come along as the perfect instrument to translate it onto paper/photo. not because of the awesome scenery/models/effects/camera… but because you really do connect and the result is emotional pictures. :) . thanks tara.. [ i probably say thanks for every session ] for showing us the wonderful families that you get to meet and work with – i may be sad, but i come to tara’s blog and i feel better… haha i managed to make a positive comment all dramatic… goodness – us women. i love it. cant wait to see the next session and the one after that.

  2. I, too, come to this blog and read and soak up the images, the life, the joy, the love. . . Thanks, Tara, for sharing with us. I love this family, too, and how comfortable they are in their own skin. What beauty you have captured! I wish I could meet them. . .

  3. just beautiful!

    I can relate about being sensitive/emotional. In fact I think several of us can…its the same emotion that sends each of us into tears everytime we view your pictures or watch one of your new home videos. It’s also what I think makes for great photographers. We are able to feel the emotion that leeks from a families love, or a newborn’s smile or a toddler’s new found freedom. You have to feel it to capture it…or, to capture it well!

  4. These are some of the most beautiful images I have seen. The love and personality of this family really comes through! You did an awesome job of capturing “Them” I run on the emotional side too…I think it helps sometimes. If you can capture that emotion, it’s what makes a good shoot! I guess I’m a little partial too since I’m Portuguese! They really are beautiful! :D Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Dear Tara,
    I love those pictures and what you had written about it. I am a Big fan of your work simce your scrapbooking times. I have to say that before each photo session I go to, I pop here and onto website to be inspired by your unique and personal approach. I found your way of looking onto people very liberating, very honest and very unique. My area of photography is same as yours and for me, family and children are my most favourite subject. As I say…. together is the best place to BE! I had learned that through my scrapbooking times and by watching your work evolve in what became a daily pit stop for me.
    I guess because you are a very emotional and true to your heart kind of a person, it shows clearly how special your pictures are.
    I am also brazilian , canadian who loves Scotland, and I can see why this family made a special trip to come and have pictures taken with you…. Because you are UNIQUE and you can touch people’s heart!
    Thank you for being such a source of inspiration!

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