grown up siblings and their children make for pretty pictures.




Sharing the still shots from one of our first home movie sessions. You can view their family film here, and see some more of my favorite shots from our morning together.

I loved the carefree beach-y vibe of the clothes they wore. And really, have you ever seen a family that is so ridiculously good looking? I’ll take some of those genes please. :)

I couldn’t help but see them all together (two brothers, two sisters) and hope that someday my own brood of four would be as close, and have as much fun together.

If you are USC fans, you may recognize Brynn and Jordan Cameron. Little brother Colby plays at Louisiana Tech. Not being a sports fan myself, I was clueless. :)

These are salt of the earth people. People you just want to be around.



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  1. “grown up siblings and their children make for pretty pictures”

    They do when you’re all that good looking! Jeez, totally unfair to the rest of us! Someone got an extra helping in the good looking genes line! Wow!

    Amazing photos as aways Tara.

  2. The way you capture the small (but most meaningful) pieces of relationships is a true gift. I would place money that the little guy plays with moms hair every time he has a bottle. And the seal (I think)- how cool is that, and it looks like it is striking a pose for you to boot! Beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous! The pictures and the people! They really are ridiculously good looking…just not fair it’s all in one family :)

    Had one of my boys been a girl they would’ve been named Brynn. I love that name!

  4. These photos are great. And I’m with you I was clueless as to who they were. But they are way to stinkin’ good looking…especially the kiddos. I love the shot with the seal, that is awesome!

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