NEWS: now, a word from our sponsors…

with the upgrade of my blog also comes the ability to offer advertising/sponsorship.

i have space for ad banners at the bottom of the blog, above the footer. i have had some requests via email, so in case anyone else is interested just shoot me an email ( and i will get you the information.

i also want to offer a give-away of one free month to two people. post a comment with a link to your service/shop/website and i will pull names tonight @ 7pm PST!

Winners are Sarah Lamont and Dana from Old Red Barn Co.! Email me girls, and I will set you up!



photos from a shoot last weekend…..just a little sneaky peeky for momma. :)

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  1. once again, these photos are amazing. (no need to put me in the drawing, I’m just a HUGE fan…i mean i’m a fan…i’m not huge…but i really like your work…and you seem cool too…now i just sound creepy..sorry….anyway…photos are awesome)

  2. Hi, Tara:

    Just in case you extended the deadline because you were too busy, I would love for my website to be featured on your blog for a month. It’s a site for young families with ideas for parties, recipes, traditions, dates and books. (… A Simple Life.)


  3. Excellent winners! Sarah Lamont’s ADORABLE baby hats on Etsy was exactly one of the commentators I was referring to when I said there were some great Etsy shop entries. SO cute!! Off to check out Old Red Barn Co now…

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