fun girls and fun iPhone pics

this weekend was an impromptu reunion of sorts with some of our thailand girls. we were only missing four (three who reside across the pond, and one who was on a work trip), and we gained one.

kimberly came out for the weekend with her boys. it was so amazing to finally be able to meet her and spend time with her and introduce her to many of the women she would have met had she been able to come with us. some of you may remember, her husband passed away shockingly just two weeks before we were meant to leave for thailand.

her boys stayed home with my crew and jeff, who won dad of the year by taking all six kids to the movies AND chuck e cheese AND PUTTING THEM TO BED before we got back.

and we went out and did girlie things. pedicures, lunch, shopping, beach, thai for dinner (of course!)

kimberly, doña, kari, me, michelle, maren, april, em, tami

i know this has been done a thousand times, but it doesnt make it any less fun when you do it for the first time while waiting for shopping to wrap up…

weekend wrapped with a girl power shoot at a trailer park, amongst a few other locales. and the beginning of a bad cold that im still working on ignoring.

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  1. You mean, I might actually be able to get my kids to REALLY have fun when we take pictures…not just pretend to have fun ;) And I won’t have to start rattling off how many people in our family eat their boogers (joking of course) to get them to laugh ;)

  2. joan! all in good time my sweet friend! the letters were gorgeous and we propped them up on a really cool wall and they did their thang. i have two sessions to edit before theirs, but will DEFINITELY post here in the next week. :)

  3. I have been dying to do the iphone thing, but I don’t have an iphone so I have resorted to asking everyone I know ;P Fun stuff, but mostly I had to say how awesome Jeff is(I know you know this, but I thought he needed to hear it again and again). Wow…

  4. Looks like fun! Looks like you surround yourself with amazing women too! You are one blessed lady!
    Anyway, I have a photography question for you. What settings do you use on your camera or would you suggest to get those great shots where the subject in the front is in focus but everything in the back is out of focus and blurry? I hope that makes sense. I don’t have a fantastic SLR yet (my dream for one day!) so I am using a Cannon Powershot A710 IS.
    Thanks Tara!
    Lots of love,
    Le Anne

  5. Hi, I posted a comment but don’t see it. I had asked a question about a photo technique. If you got the comment please let me know. Otherwise I will just email you my question again. Thanks!
    Le Anne

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