thinking fast with some aussie’s

helen and i planned to meet in newport beach during their southern CA vaction, but when we did, we were all FREEZING. the wind had kicked up pretty badly, and no one was dressed appropriately for it. i had to think fast, to find a spot away from the water that would still work.

thankfully it all worked out-they loved the little nooks and crannies we found.


things in their lives have recently changed, and helen wanted to focus on their relationship with each other.


these two were QUITE spunky. they loved getting me to say aussie slang, and were actually impressed with what i knew. (“how did you know we call candies lollies?!”) as they tried to trick me. and i loved trying to get them to say water with a hard R. :)


thanks to the nice guy inside the vans shop who let us use this wall.


love the interaction here-such momma love getting soaked up.


and i was captivated by her sweet spirit in the sun…such a beautiful child.


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  1. Awesome shots, as always Ms Tara! Love the shot of the daughter with the flower in her hair…the long grass around her is so cool with the shallow DOF. And the middle two shots (side by side), in colour, of the son, must have been taken with the 50 1.2, y? I’m thinking ’cause the bokeh looks completely round…. That’s the best thing about a 1.2 lens…wonderful bokeh! (My two favs about my 85 1.2L, tack sharp focus (wide open!) and the totally awesome bokeh!)

  2. I am sooo sitting here saying.. water.. water.. ok.. whats hard about that.. water.. how else could you say it? water? MMmmmm lol and OH my… you have to send an email to the vans shop… or take them in a print and say thanks… what an awesome shot!!!

  3. that is a great alternative location!
    love the monkey wall, my daughter would love that as a backdrop… she is so into monkeys and skateboarding right now!
    someday i am gonna have to make a fountain wall with 50 gal drums… takes me back to when my hubby and I were dating… we used to sit , talk and drink coffee there. the good old days!

  4. Hi I just found your blog through WRondinson’s blog.I Love these shots BTW, where is that vans store, I’m so digging that wall=)… Great work, is it true about the LAb, I heard that too.

  5. lanne-you guys say whaw-ta. we say whaw-TERRRR :)
    about the permit? i dont know-i didnt ask. :)
    i am really low key during a session-i cant tell you how many times people have asked “oh would you like me to take a photo with you in it too?” (strangers passing by) i like thinking i just blend. lol

  6. Hi Tara, I smile instantly and my heart feels such joy when I look at the photos you took during our session and I love that these moments will be a constant reminder of what is important in life.

  7. Hey Tara! These are amazing! I love the personality in your pics! I would love these of my family, maybe next time you are in Utah? Have you ever thought of doing a workshop??? I would so be there~ not to sound like a stalker or anything!!!!

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