utah-star mill

(this is my last utah post, promise.)

at the end of our garage sale-ing adventure, kelly stopped here. at star mill antiques. suffice it to say, i very nearly grabbed the first sharp thing i could find to plunge into my bitter flying home to california heart. too many things, not enough luggage.


me-in the first mirror i could find.


someday i will have a room in my house JUST LIKE THIS. the jars…filled with the THINGS…oh sweet sweet milk and honey.


this adorable little metal toy phone came home with me, and so did that old 23cent metal store tag. my birthday is on the 23rd of october. its a favorite number.


these blocks didnt come home with me, i just liked that the heart was turned up like that.


and outside the shop is this old gorgeous barn. when i asked the owner if it was all right to take photos, he said “sure, as long as you send me copies!” so i guess if you go to the star mill and ask to see his photos you just might see some of these in the mix.


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  1. Well, I just wanted to say that I love the jars too! You have no idea who I am…but I read your blog everyday. I got your site off of my friends blog, Billie (who has done two sessions with you). I live in Idaho, and hope to someday get my family down to you to get a photo shoot. I love your work. Keep blogging…it makes my work day so much better when I see that you have posted! I keep referring your blog to several of my friends…and now we are all addicted! If you liked Utah…Idaho is one of the hidden wonders of the world, in my opinion! You will have to come visit.

  2. I have been loving all of your Utah photos. Don’t feel like you have to stop on our account! I’m a California girl living in Minnesota, but I love Utah too! Your May project turned out beautifuly. You’ve inspired me to try to get some of my photos up on the wall too. I love your blog, your photos and you. Stalkerish I know. Sorry. Have a great day.

  3. oh man, i heart the star mill :) after a friend introduced it to me, it has become one of my favorite places ever. it’s always so much fun to see what new little treasures they’ve found. next time you’re in utah maybe i’ll run into you there!!

  4. Oh, please don’t stop if you have more! I’m sure no one will mind!

    Is the metal telephone taken with your 50 1.2L? Lovely bokeh. I just got the 85 1.2L, and I know it’s going to be my favorite lens. (Dang, it’s tack sharp wide open!) Posts on my blog (from, and including, May 28th on) are almost all exclusively taken with the 85, though most of the antique cars were taken with my new 50 1.4 (though it so does not compare to the 85 1.2 lens, it’s just to have on hand for cramped quarters for inside shoots), and I was only shooting with it to make sure I got a relatively sharp copy…which I ‘think’ I did.

    I would have LOVED to visit that store, and certainly to take some photographs! I’m sure the shop owner loves your shots. :-)

  5. oh be still my heart, I LOVE ALL THOSE JARS!
    i need to take a trip to Utah!
    I am going to my first flea market this month and i can’t wait!
    all this OPAM stuff has got me wanting to take a room at a time and just get it done.
    i am so OVERWHELMED by all that needs to get done though!

  6. Makes me want to fly to Utah to go shopping and then rent a U-haul to bring all my goodies home in.
    I love old things… things with a history, only wish they could tell you the story of where they’ve been.
    Please share more if you have some. = ) OH THOSE Jars!! I LOVE jars!!!! The Jars with the nails make me think of my Grandpa… he puts all his lil’ goodies in jars and hangs them by the lid on a shelf in his workshop so he can get to them easily.
    The phone and the tag are so fun! My b~day is Oct. 25th (so you are just 2 days older than me. ;) ) I do the same thing with my birth date … 25 is my favorite #.
    Wish they had old barns full of fun finds like that here in So Cal. = (

  7. that jar room is incredible…add it to the dream list:)…ps i have been avoiding getting a striped shirt, even though i am drawn to them like a magnet…i just wasn’t sure but seeing you in yours makes me think i could do it! thanks:)…pps i love the font you are using right here when i type a comment…super cute & typewriterie!

  8. I absolutely LOVE what you do here on your blog. Honestly – I wish we could have more people that take their passions and use them in ways such as you do. You capture love and truth. You capture beauty in its natural state. I adore it all. Through your blog and your friend Emily’s blog, I have seen what it is to truly live. To truly BE. I love what you two do…keep on keepin’ on because through your work, your passions, and your parenting – I see what I would love to be. Beautiful. Which is what you are.

    It’s in Him that I am,

  9. I still can’t believe that you were right here on the very weekend that our neighborhood had their big yard sale, and I’m dying to know if you came to ours when I wasn’t there, or if you should have come, but I didn’t give you enough warning, seeing how we don’t know each other and all.

    Must say that they garage sale-ing/thrift-ing gets a little stale when you live here, and I’m always eager to do it in other places, too. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  10. love it. i collect canisters, i have several just sitting empty, waiting to be filled–it’s so cool seeing this store full of them. oh and for some reason i really like your self portraits, it’s nice that you’re including yourself in more captures :)

  11. I just scrolled down your post AGAIN….to let these images ‘sink in’ and I just SAW that in the blocks images not only is the heart turned up but there is a ………..HOUSE on the bottom block showing!!! How perfect is that???

  12. i love the star mill… have to stop by everytime we head to utah. on one trip the owner gave us a tour of his house that sits right there….WOW!! i just walked around with my jaw dropped. he always has a story to tell you too. fun shots!!

  13. OH MY GOSH. Heaven on earth. That store is AMAZING. When I get rich, that’s the kind of store I’d love to own, fill it with goodies, and spend my days meeting amazing people and surrounded by amazing things. LOVE IT.

  14. Oh, and girl-you’ve got to learn the UPS store or something…buy your goodies and ship them home when they don’t fit the luggage (or won’t clear security!)

  15. love love love those jars. that is totally what i would want my scrap room to look like if i had a whole room to myself. awesome pics, you are too cute!

  16. I’m going to SLC in July and I’ll have 1 free day when I’m there. I was thinking of heading to Park City ’cause I’ve never been, but me thinks if it’s close enough I’ll go to the antique shop instead! I must see those jars in person! thanks for sharing your adventures!

  17. I love your Utah posts! You have such a different view on Utah than I do – living here- I am just so used to the everyday mom stuff and daily routine that I think I get stuck in my own little world and take advantage of being in such a wonderful place. It is fun to see what you did with Utah! You give me a craving for doing exploring like you did when you were here!

    Love your photos~!

  18. Thanks for doing yet another UT post. I’ve lived in UT all my life and never heard of this place. I’m totally running out there and thanks for sharing all your cool UT places you went. I’m also jealous of the DI you went to. The one near me never has anything cool.

  19. I thought all the jars were full of lollies and I thought it was really strange that there were lollies in an antique shop and then I realised they weren’t lollies :( One day I’m gonna have a room like that but the jars will be full of lollies :p

  20. I love Star Mill. The owner is so nice. He actually charges (I think its $20) usually to go take pictures there… but that is if you are doing a portrait session :)

    I am absolutely in love with that place though :)


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