OPAM: may ’08 (photo wall in living room) AFTER

Update : 06.02.13

The last photo taken of our photo wall before a pipe burst in our kitchen and everything came down. When it gets hung up again, the photos will be different and it will be in another room entirely. Thanks for five years of internet love!



This was such a good experience for me. because while i did put my project off to the last minute (figuring out what prints i wanted and ordering them last week) (and putting the prints in the frames this weekend),


and that my friends, is KEY for me. i am the queen of good intentions. starting something in my house…and then getting sidetracked and starting something else in my house….until there are five or six unfinished projects going on, and im sitting around feeling overwhelmed and crappy.

but this OPAM thing is keeping me accountable. so thank you blogland!

for those of you following along, today is the day to post your after picture on your blog and link here in comments. i also think it would be cool for you to post your before picture along with your after picture, or at least link to the post with the before pictures, like i just did. its also the day to choose your june OPAM, and post the before pictures for that. i am going to do that in a separate post, so each month is easily found when searched for.

so-i hemmed and hawed over how to choose photos. initially i thought i wanted all black and white. until a friend begged me to mix in some tara color, and make it more eclectic, because really, isnt that what is more my style? and i totally agreed with her. also-i was having a really hard time finding photos i wanted to turn black and white to use for this. so i easily gave in and decided to mix it up.

i was also so so so so so in love with the TTV effect that jefra created for my photos, that i decided i wanted all of my frames to be filled with that effect. but i didnt have any photos actually taken in that way except for jefras. so i googled “ttv frame download” and found several sites that offered free downloads. i grabbed a couple that i thought would work. this is a great group on flickr too. also, here is a tutorial for doing it yourself. of course, adding the frame in PS is not as fun as doing it the real way, but i didnt have time on my side, so i cheated.

then came the undertaking of deciding what photos to choose! i knew what i wanted to “say” with this project. its the first thing people will see when they come into my house. so i wanted a BAM kind of statement and a happy portrayal of our life. and i knew i wanted one of each kid, one of jeff and i, and then some fun, funky shots to really make it interesting.

i created a folder on my desktop and copied any photo that i deemed a “maybe” into it. then in photoshop, i created a huge blank canvas, resized and cropped all of those “maybe” images and started dragging and moving them around until i found the perfect arrangement. i added the TTV borders to the nine shots i was using, fiddling with the effect and color until they were what i wanted…and ta da! my photo wall is complete, and completely AWESOME if i may say so myself.



now, even jeff is gung ho to complete our front room. we have been waiting to do it because we have had to focus our funds on other more important things. we have a list of big ticket “to buy” items and this room was just not at the top of the list. but now that this wall makes such a statement, its a shame to have the rest of the room flop.

see? productivity spreads like a weed!


Supplies and other info:

Frames: the frames used here were 20×20 glass clip frames, purchased from IKEA. However they are no longer available. IKEA does have other 20×20 frames.
An online source for glass clip frames is here.

TTV tutorial: This was an effect added digitally. Tutorial found here.

TTV border: I found mine here.


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  1. This is beautiful – I am making a trip to Atlanta tomorrow to “buy baseball tickets”. Too bad I’ll have to run into IKEA & pick up the frames too. I found that http://www.scrapbookpictures.com sells 20×20 prints for $26.95 (regular?) & $36.95 for metallic. I am just worried that my little 7.1 megapixel camera won’t take high enough resolution photos to enlarge that much. … we’ll see.

    Thanks again for sharing this – really cool.

  2. Ok, Tara, this was too cool not to try out so I just did and I LOVE IT!! Thank you!!
    Where did you get them printed? And What size are yous printed at and HOW did you get them all hung up with perfect spacing?? That’s the hardest part for me is the hanging.

  3. OMG, wow, I love this grid of photos on your wall, absolutely awesome and it helps that you take such awesome pics and you have a beautiful family.

    I would love to do this, what did you use for frames and what size are the actual prints.

  4. one more question…did you mount these prints, or would that have made them too thick for the clip frames…this is such a wonderful glimpse of your incredible family!! What fun. I would NEVER change out the prints…keep em forever!

  5. Tara, I LOVE these photo’s. I just tryed out the TTV on photoshop. I was wondering if you remembered which photo from “Flickr: Noise & Dust through the viewfinder” that you used. Keep up the great work. I love your blog =)

  6. This is fabulous!! What an amazing way to display photos! I would love to do something like this in my house. Could you, by chance, tell me which TTV you used? This is truly inspirational…

  7. I know that I am a few months late to the party, but I just completed my own wall of pictures & am delighted that it is finished. I wish that IKEA was closer than 3 hours away. The wait was worth it though as I found that Sam’s Club has poster-size prints for about $10 each for 20×24. The quality was definitely good enough for what I needed it for.

    If you would like to see my wall, you can visit my blog. http://sjcrj.blogspot.com/2008/10/really-big-wall-of-pictures.html

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. I posted about your beautiful pictures today! I followed the tutorial you recommended but I still have a lot to learn! LOL I’ll get there because I HAVE to have this fabulous feature in my house. You did an awesome job!

  9. I love this soooo much! It has given me inspiration! We are painting our entry today and this is what I am now going to do! Thank you for sharing!!

  10. I too saw your photos on love-actually and I LOVE it! You’re very talented! I was wondering if you used wall mounts for these photos? If so, what kind? Thanks Tara! Good work!!!

  11. Hey Tara, you inspired me a LONG time ago to buy these frames, and now I have finally gotten mine all assembled and ready to hang, but I am having a terrible time finding picture hangers to accomodate those tiny metal tabs on the back of the IKEA clip frames. May I ask what sort of hanger you used to hang them? Thanks!

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