OPAM: june ’08 (arrangement at top of stairs) BEFORE

pathetic arrangement at the top of the stairs,

this pathetic attempt at something trying to be cute is failing miserably and has been like this for about two years. no one cares for you, we all walk by you a thousand times a day without even glancing at the mess you are.

well thats about to change. no more haphazard extra photos leaning around just because i dont have a better place to put them. no more super outdated five year old photos making me miss my babies. no more shelves i cant really stand anymore. and no more full drawers that are full of god knows what. time to clean you out and use you for something, well, more useful.

we will let you keep the jars though, no matter what jeff says.juneopambefore.jpg

after i’m done with you, you will be a hip, updated, family portrait wall that will include our extended family and maybe a few accessories while im at it.

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  1. Wow, Tara, you are so talented! Not only do you take AMAZING pictures, but you have an amazing way of transforming everything you touch in your house to make it beautiful!

  2. I have to say.. i gasped when I saw this…. my first thought was.. NOT THE JARS….lol.. i think those jars are the single best idea i have heard of in home decor… i may have to go back and reread..because i kept chanting not the jars not the jars..LOL Phew.. sorry Jeff…. the whole universe wants those jars safe and sound!

  3. lanne-jars are one of my favorite things in the whole entire world. i love buying things to put things in. and jars…sigh…just something about them. they are staying for sure. :)

  4. jessica-the main color in my house is this color-its a soothing, creamy green/grey called spanish olive from benjamin moore. its an OLD paint name-they have to look it up on their computer now.
    michelle-the jars have some of my collections, including tickets to movies/concerts/etc, incense, wine bottle corks (i write the date on special wine corks and save them), and my favorite (yet no longer sold) candles from pier one. the others are empty, waiting to be filled…

  5. I love the shelves (except a little too linear with the dresser thing underneath) and the idea of the photo gathering! I really like the jars and the dresser thing that holds them…try to incorporate some of this stuff in the new gathering! Sometimes just altering a little bit goes a long way….even updating the shelves and the photos might make a big difference! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck!

  6. hi tara,
    okay, i’m totally lame! i didn’t read your entire post yesterday…..had i, i would have noticed that you told us how to get that black frame around the photos and the antique look. Never mind me:) thanks, teri

  7. I can’t think of what i’m going to do for my June OPAM…I’m losing 2 weekends because of vacation…so that only leaves me this weekend and next…but the weekends are already full…so unfortunately i’m going to have to skip this month’s OPAM – but I’ll be back in July! Can’t wait to see what you do with the portrait wall above…Hugs! :)

  8. Hi Tara!!
    LOVE eveything you do and love your photos that you take!!! AWESOME!!
    Just a quick question….Those shelves in the hallway…kinda look like mantel shelves….?? Where did you get those from? I am currently doing up our room and would love some like that in our home….??
    Ali x

  9. hi Tara!

    Whatever happened with this project? I’m so curious to see what you wound up with. And also curious to know if you’re still doing OPAM. Would love to see more of it! So inspiring!!

    Blessings to you and yours!

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