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  1. Oh yay! Thanks for fixing that…I missed seeing what everyone had to say!

    By the way, I LOVE your Thailand idea. I’m totally drooling over and it and wish I could go! You are amazingly inspiring.

  2. yay, I can see the comments too. Sorry about your very bad Friday. We must have been on the same psychic wave length. Hubby and I into our Friday night chillout bottle of red. Broken glass, stupid child and then 3 hours at the hospital waiting for stitches. We are not happy if we don’t get our Friday night chill out bottle of red.

  3. hi tara,
    i’m in love with your photo wall and i too have a perfect wall wall that could use some artist juice. Question?? how did you get each photo to have that antique black frame around it???????? Love your work! p.s. i sure hope you and em plan on doing some more trips in the future…..Viva Mexico….?????? :) take care. Teri

  4. Yeowza! That’s amazing!! That wall is stunning and I bet it makes you sooooo happy when you see it. Your style is exactly what I keept trying to figure out for my house and it ends up so main stream normal that it’s frustrating!! You are inspiring me for my own OPAM. I think I just might get my hiney off this chair and join in!

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