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  1. Beautiful work, miss t. I just love how the DH has his wife completely enveloped in his arms in the shots of the two of them sitting together…so sweet.

  2. You so rock, I would love to just come tag along on one of your shoots…as they said on Next (a dorky MTV show) “call the Fire Department because you are the bomb”

  3. awesome as always! esp. love the ones of the littlest boy!!!! he is adorable!!! love the shot of the girl in the heart too!!!! they are all great and i LOVE the new color tinting type look, kinda like faded denim……what are you doing with that?! how?! LOVE IT!!!!! you are soooooooo inspiring. just wish i could do some shoots at the beach!!!!!! too cold here!!!!

  4. Oh Tara, I love them…. :) They are so wonderful! I cannot wait to frame & scrap some of these! :) I love how you did the color on these…the eyes of the kids just pop out at you…. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

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