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  1. more of your beautiful pictures to use
    as inspiration — I love the way you
    cropped the two. your boy is just a doll!

    p.s. love your art wall

  2. note to self: reading phrases such as “looked so pimp” while drinking Sprite so soon after sinus surgery is NOT a good idea. Refer Dr to Tara’s blog when he extracts Sprite bubbles next week! ;)

  3. That is so funny! I bought this shirt for my 5 year old a few days ago and we did a little photo shoot. It is so true for him because he gets away with anything by just giving you a look with his big blue eyes. When we took him to school that day his teacher laughed and said it fit him perfectly.


  4. Very cool shirt, indeed! He has the most beautiful eyes, Tara. He’ll be a heartbreaker for sure! ;-) Love the photos, too. Especially the one from above with him looking up….totally awesome! You rock!


  5. Love it!! WHat a cutie… he’s gonna have to beat the girls off with a stick! LOL Love that shirt! My MIL bought Alex a shirt that says “Smart Guy” and his 2 y/o cousin the matching one that says “Tough Guy”.. we crack up everytime they wear them :)

  6. i am always amazed and inspired by your photography tara.
    what a cutie…he should be a model – make some money out of that gorgeous face!!

  7. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw he’s so handsome! My fave part of the pictures is the fact he only has on ONE flip flop! Where did the other one go? hee hee hee too cute! You are my photo guru!!!!!! I’m so envious of all your kickin’ shots!!!!!!!!!!


  8. from caleb who is standing right next to me: “i know that guy! he’s she’s (pointing to your picture) son. tell him hi. can you do that?”

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