two minute memories

i have been wanting to share this, and finally went and found the links tonight.

some of you may have seen the new Two Minute Memory Cards put out by Simple Scrapbooks magazine. well, they asked me if i had any photos to use in the packaging and so i happily obliged and showed them some of my photos that i thought would fit the themes they were using.

and they used some!

husband (this is my friend jalayne’s mom Sherri and her husband Jerry)

mom (this is my friend celestial and her son landon)

sister (my sister)

also, they used a picture of my mom for either mom/wife…but the images arent correct on the site.

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  1. T- I’ve been meaning to write you about this topic for weeks, and always forgot..

    Anyway, I saw the whole display at my LSS the week before Mother’s Day. I quickly bought a few for my own use, and then went back and got them for my Primary girls so they could make a card for their Moms. I told the girls that I “knew” the mom on the cover, she was my friend’s mom. Very fun to share that:)

    So they made the cards, wrote about their moms, added pics & a few stickers, and then used the little pocket in the back to add their testimonies and thoughts just for Mom. It was easy enough for 8-12 yr. old girls to do in an hour. Such a terrific idea from Simple scrapbooks- really, kuddos to them!

    When Mother’s Day came, they were such a big hit! I had moms calling me in tears saying how much they loved them. never had anything like that before. It was great.
    And the whole idea for this project came cuz I looked up on the shelf and recognized your mom’s face, and that made me investigate further.

    So glad you got to share your wonderful photos, and your wonderful family with the general public!
    :) Shannon

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