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  1. I JUST LOVE the one of Drew and Nate on the stone bench wearing bare feety and converse! TO DIE FOR!
    I also really love the one of the guys leaning back on the fence…. my gosh Drew looks so old!

  2. ok so i will be lowly comment #53 lol. as always, your photography is *outstanding*. i will never understand how some people can see things like that through their view finder. i could be standing right there next to you & just not see it. i have to say that 1734 is just about the sweetest thing & 1768 of your guys is an awesome photo. and those of you & jeff? scream love & best friendship. you can’t look at those photos without feeling warm & fuzzy–and i don’t even have to know you to see the strong bond you 2 share. truly beautiful. =)

  3. Okay, so first of all YOU looked AMAZING!!!! So Beautiful!! Jeff looked HOT in his Tails! (I ask, does he still wear Obsession for Men?) Good thing I wasn’t there! JK! The Bride and Groom look so happy and in Love. (I don’t know if they looked as in love as you and Jeff but they have years ahead of them to get there! :-) She looked beautiful and John looked SOOO happy!!! For the grand finale….your boys are complete, and undeniable STUDS!!! Oh my gosh. You need to submit thise pics to some magazines for modeling tuxedos!! They are sooooo handsome! Purely little DUDES!!! Oh they are getting so grown up!! Congrats to John and his Bride!

  4. As the bride, I just wanted to thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures that you took at our wedding. As always, I am impressed with your talent and your ability to capture the feeling of a moment. Jon and I are blessed to have you guys in our life!

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