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  1. MAN! I just adore your pictures Tara! I worship Annie Lebowitz but your style is much more my alley! If you’re ever in Toronto, Canada…

  2. Love this! Love her adorable feet in the background. I need to take a class or something, because I just snapped some pictures 3 or 4 days ago of my 2 year old watching a snail in our backyard and they are NOTHING like this. I love the stories that your photos tell.

  3. Love those tan little legs with her sweet little dress….cool, cool perspective, Tara. Love the way your photo brain works…you see things that other people don’t.


  4. SO adorable. Awesome photo…GREAT perspective! (I’m getting a little freaked by how many snails are around these days!!)

    Also loved the poncho pictures (hee and eek that she’s learned to houdini her way out of the splint!) and the weekly update — have FUN at Ben Lee, lucky dog!

  5. Awesome…just awesome! You have such a unique perspective. That is what seperates you from wanna-be’s like me…you brain sees those things that the rest of us don’t. ;-) Great job!

  6. You have mastered the lens!! i think i am gonna hop a flight in an hour and come have you shoot some pix of me and my kiddos HAHAHA! actually maybe of just me. I have noticed that i don’t exist in our family scrapbooks!!!!

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