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  1. Verrrrry Cool Pics! I want to take pictures like you!!! Better yet, I want YOU to take pictures for me! lol

    Isn’t it so fun to have so many kids in one place?

    My sister and I have 10 between us and as chaotic as it gets it is just so fun to watch them all together.

  2. YeeeHaw! This looks like my house EVERY Thursday morning! It’s well known among all the ’97 and ’00 moms from our playgroup that I open the doors wide at 9am every Thursday for coffee (and whatever goodies they manage to bring…everything from muffins to DingDongs…LOL…she’ll never bring THOSE again!) I never know who will show up, but it’s always a hoot! The kids who aren’t in school yet play…moms chug caffeine and gab about EVERYTHING. I love Thursdays…love the moms, love the kids…love the organized chaos of so much life in one small space!

  3. Tara… thank you thank you thank you! I never EVER get pictures of me and my boys. I never have pics of my kids alone either – just me and one of them. These are a treasure. They are such a gift. I can’t thank you enough, but I”m going for it one more time: THANK YOU MI AMIGA! YOU ARE A GIFT TO ME!

    Also, I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with the pics of all our kids. I laugh when I think back at how this all played out. So much fun! You know what the pictures remind me of? You know how sometimes they have cover shots for Vanity Fair or Rolling stone where they’re photographing a large group of amazing people? Like just recently, the cover of Rolling Stone had the children of a bunch of highly acclaimed artists? Well, a lot of times in the table of contents or in the editors message, theyll include an outtake of all the people interacting with each other and just doing their thing. Its not the money shot on the cover where everyone is looking perfect and focused. Its the shot where you see the nuances of all the indivdual personalities. THAT is the kind of pic you got with all our kids. I love those photos so much! You are so good at catching those kind of shots too – you’re so good at catching the fleeting moments.. the ones that aren’t planned… the ones that show action in the everyday. My favorites in that series are the third on the top row (look at sweet Anna spinning around!) and the last one on the bottom. Those pics show the kids talking to each other and just doing their thing… being kids… being themselves. That is the memory I want to stay my head: kids having fun together,therego… us having fun together.

    I”m sure this message will be riddled with mistakes but its scrolling up and long and I can’t read it and… awww, I”m just sending. Thanks T. Love you like a sis!

  4. Those kid group shots make me giggle. Reminds me of trying to take a picture of all 20 grandkids at my In-Laws on Father’s Day (a tradition, for some reason). It’s like pulling teeth. All of us parents stand there, in a line, in front of the children, and shoot as many photos as we can until someone fusses or runs away. (That’s the kids, not the grownups. Usually.) Then we get our photos processed and get back together, hoping SOMEONE got a decent shot!!!

    Great photos, as usual. I have gotten so many ideas from you for my next impromptu photo shoot!!

  5. can come over to my house anytime and play (oh you would have to get on a plane, is that alright??). I see Jamie wearing an aussie T’shirt, so very cool. absolutely stunning photo’s Tara – breathe taking.

  6. AWWWW I love those photos I need you to come and take photos of my family you so rock!!! Or I really need to learn how to use my camera. It looks like you girls had a blast. :) Take care

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