5 weeks

i did a photo shoot as a baby gift for my friend carole this morning. her little man is five weeks old and was just the cutest thing. because i live day by day with anna as my baby, it was a shock to see and hold and hear a real baby for the morning. i also snuck a few of her older son while baby boy was nursing. we had fun. im glad she came out.


hope you love carole! you can see the rest here.

and if any of you have a baby, go snuggle behind her ear for me.

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  1. Tara,
    I think I love you!!! I feel like I know you so well thru your layouts & now thru your blog (Man, I feel like such a stalker!!).
    I have so much admiration for you, as a photographer, a scrapper, a mother, a wife–everything. You just seem so real–so grounded. Thank you for being so wonderful & for sharing so much of your life with the world.
    Oh yeah: what a wonderful present you have given your friend!! I’m sure she loves it more than you could ever imagine!! :)

  2. tara those are so cute and it is so good to see carole again it’s been like two years i think. mother of two looks great on ya girl:) the boys are beautiful.

  3. Tara those photos are just divine!!!
    I just love the magic that you can create when you get behind the camera.
    Then again I think you create magic all the time in everything that you do.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Tara –
    Wow! Those pictures are amazing! I wish I knew you and lived closer because I would pay big time for you to photograph my family. Great work as always!!!
    Oh, and that creative thing, you still got it girl!!! Sometimes we are just so overwhelmed to see it, I have been there and done that!
    Thanks for sharing =)

  5. I have to say that one of the things I miss most about you is the AWESOME photo shoots! I didn’t get my Tara pictures when I was pregnant with Logan, I look at the ones you did when I was preggers with Garett and LOVE them!! so sad…and Logan didn’t get his Tara pics when he was a newborn. Again…so sad!!! You are soooooo incredibly talented. These pics are awesome, cute, inspired and priceless!!!

  6. Tara,
    I love the frames around the boys room- cool decorating idea! What color did you paint the room, a mushroom color? I always enjoy all of your photos, especially the bug on (Nate’s?) finger. Very cool shot! Thanks for starting this! It’s interesting to read about a day in the life of Tara.

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