i was so excited to get a phone call yesterday inviting me to hang out with two buddies. the aforementioned jamie, and lisa mcg.

i was lucky it is spring break and that mckenna was done with therapy. i was lucky that i was home to get the phone call. i was lucky that i got there in record time.

but i was especially lucky to have the time to photograph this sweet family.


more photos from this shoot HERE.

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  1. Man…you amaze me woman!! Ok…how much would it cost me to fly you here and have you photograph my family? Or maybe I can fly us there…and then I could study your skills with the camera for a bit too! You are one talented chicka…:)

  2. Hello, Tara!

    I just discovered your blog and I am loving it. Your are a very courageous women and mother! Your history is very touching. Your family is great! ( Sorry my weak English, I am brazilian, from São Paulo, Brazil, and I have no appropriate words for express all my feelings). Reading your blog, especially March 26, 2005 – THE POWER OF FOUR – I think of FAMILY’S POWER and I remember a special movie’ scene, from “The Straight Story”, from the director David Lynch. The movie presents the story of Alvin Straight, drama based on true-life events: Alvin embarks on the journey of a lifetime, traveling aboard his ’66 John Deere lawnmower from Iowa to Wisconsin. The movie starred Richard Farnsworth, 78, as Straight and Sissy Spacek as his daughter.
    This is the scene and that is the quote: “When my kids were real little I used to play a game with them. I’d give each one of them a stick and I’d say, ‘You break that.’ Of course they could real easy. Then I’d say, ‘Tie them sticks in a bundle and try to break that.’ Of course, they couldn’t. Then I’d say, ‘That bundle…that’s family.”–Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth) to a runaway girl. Regards, Sonia.

  3. Yes yes yes. You must blog an entry about your tips to fantastic photography. I wish my photos turned out half as good as yours and I would be so happy. Please!! I am begging!! Please!! Begging is not my best feature.


  4. oooh…i want to take pics like you, and scrapbook like you…i try, but it isn’t happening. i’m eyeing a canon digi rebel…thanks for all the inspiration.

  5. A) The next time you are in Wisconsin would you visit me so you could photograph me and my children?? Why? Because you are gifted, and I adore you!
    and B) While you’re here, you need to teach me how to do that, too!! At least rub elbows with me, girl!! I’m so envious of your photographic skills!!! You should write a book on photography, and I would beat down the masses to get the first copy!! LOL!

  6. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Jamie is lucky to have such wonderful photos of her with her gorgeous kiddos! You’ve inspired me to find someone to take photos of me with my 2 children.

  7. If you are willing to share the details, I’m studying photography, and would love additional information. I figure the more I know, the better I will become. Here are some questions for you:

    Camera body?
    Camera lense?
    Camera setting(s) for the shots?
    Physical setting?
    What was the light like?
    Did you do cropping later?
    Did you do any touch-up for lighting, contrast, etc in a photoshop or similar product? If so, what?

    I would really appreciate the information. Knowledge is power! Thanks

  8. FINALLY getting over here to give you the proper lovin! :)
    can you believe these??? I am the lucky girl!!!!! i was lucky enough to get tara to shoot my kids and i a few years back. i LOVEd those pictures, i scrapped them ALL at least twice each. they are so special to me. THESE are now super special to me too. tara has the most amazing ability to capture our emotions. through the shoot, i kept thinking, i hope the kids aren’t making their cheesy smiles, i hope i’m not making my fake smile, etc, etc, etc. i was so sure we were. but in the midst of all that, she was able to capture some genuine smiles, genuine laughs, genuine LOVE. i am so glad these turned out. the amazing thing is that we have changed so much in just 2 little years. not just my little family, but tara too. she just keeps getting better and better. her eye for taking totally breathtaking shots just keeps expanding. i am completely and utterly thankful for these photos. they will for sure be treasured in our home, and in many, many scrapbook pages. :)
    thanks girl,

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