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  1. You are so cute!!! I just want to eat you up!! Ok, not really but I can’t get enough of you!!! I love your pictures, I love your writing, I love that you share the good, bad and ugly with all of us!! Thank you!! You are my strength!!! Thank you!! Great job on your OPAW done!! I love all the pictures!!:)

  2. You look awesome! i love the photos!!!! What a fun challenge! Considering i hate looking in the mirror some days, to celebrate yourself in photos is a healthy challenge! you rock!

  3. boy, do you look good in those close-ups! yikes! i’m afraid to tackle this task… all those wrinkles will really show up on me! oh, well… guess you can call ’em “life lines”, right?

  4. You are beautiful Tara. I need to do some self-portraits. I’ve worked as a photojournalist for more than a decade and only took self portrait once– for a college assignment. Yikes. Time to get in front of my camera for a change of pace. Kathleen

  5. gorgeous! you are simply gorgeous, outside beauty to be sure, but also as a person, you knock me out! i am probably twice your age-i know age should not mean anything-but i will tell you you are an inspiration. i am in awe with your candor and honesty. you touch me everyday with your ability to just deal with life. sometimes with a good book-i’ve been known to escape with the written word also, or creating a work of art or a charmingly funny ditty about your family.
    i was just telling a friend, i know that i am a strong woman and i can handle whatever life hands me-sometimes i just don’t want to! ever have those days!?! anywho, just wanted to let you know that you touch lives and that is good.

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