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NEWS: now, a word from our sponsors…

with the upgrade of my blog also comes the ability to offer advertising/sponsorship.

i have space for ad banners at the bottom of the blog, above the footer. i have had some requests via email, so in case anyone else is interested just shoot me an email ( and i will get you the information.

i also want to offer a give-away of one free month to two people. post a comment with a link to your service/shop/website and i will pull names tonight @ 7pm PST!

Winners are Sarah Lamont and Dana from Old Red Barn Co.! Email me girls, and I will set you up!



photos from a shoot last weekend…..just a little sneaky peeky for momma. :)


elizabeth - could these kiddos be any cuter?

*Shey*[B] - These pictures are fabulous!! :) I would love to enter! Here is my shop: Thanks! Shealynn

Julie Cruz - So super cute. Link me baby ;)

Ashley Fulmer - Absolutely love reading your blog and viewing your work... would LOVE to have a photography/design business as successful as yours! Please consider me in the giveaway!

Lisa Lee - I'm a huge fan Tara...your work (and life) are so inspiring!

kbreints - Wow! Look at those sweet little blondies!!

tracy - Ok, I hope I am not duplicating this comment but--I am posting on behalf of my good friend Sue who sells this awesome stationary: I hope she is chosen!!

e - T Rex = Genious

tracy - Oh my, they are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the rest. You are amazing.

Claudine Jackson - I have been a fan of yours since my scrapbook days and now i stalk you for your photography:) I would love to be added to your super fab blog:)

lyndsay h-almeida - umm, yeah i'd cut off a limb to advertise for free on your blog!

bentley - look how gorgeous those boys are and your updated blog is rockin'. xo

aud - thanks for the opportunity! (be audacious designs)

Jen - Would love a free month of advertising on your site! Crossing My Fingers!

Brian Hamby - My husband is building websites on his own and he really needs the advertising! pick HIM!

Lauranne - Thanks, Tara! So sweet. :) Http://

Shanna - Can't wait to see more of these blondies!

Samantha Petrick - Hi Tara! I have been a closet fan of yours for a long time now! How generous of you to offer your website to help people out!I belong to a non-profit organization called The Hope Resource Network Inc. We are planning a benefit concert for a local 3 year old, Sophia Lodovico who has a rare genetic disease called Dyskeratosis Congenita. It leads to progressive bone marrow failure. Our concert will be held in Pennsylvania either the first of 2nd week of May (we're still working out logistics). We will be making a website which will be finished by the end of the weekend. Since you have a national following; I thought maybe you would be willing to allow us to advertise our cause & the concert on your website! If you need more information; don't hesitate to email me at! Keep up the amazing work; you are without a doubt, my favorite photographer!

Dallas - Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! VERY much appreciated!!

Erin Duggin - Thanks for the giveaway! I LOVE your work. Some free advertising would be amazing in this economy!

liz eaton - Hey Tara, I want to advertise. pick me! You know what I do. Jewelry. of course. I would do a give away too. thanks. liz.

Jenna - love your blog, absolutely love your pictures, and would LOVE a free ad spot for my little shop! :) (Sweet Baby Creations)

Bonnie Berry - free advertising for a month...yummy.

Lisa Damrosch - I'd love a spot...getting the real site live soon...but the gist is

Gina - the photo with the dino is priceless!

Bethany at Emmy Lu - I am crazy over your work and your rockin' talent! I dream of the day my hubby and I are able to visit CA, and get in front of your camera lens. Free advertising for month would be RAD! Check out my brand new custom invitation, stationery and papergoods company, EmmyLu at

Peta - Great idea Tara! I'd be interested in the info for sure :)

Brandi Ginn - Hoping for the best!

Rebecca - Seriously, you're offering up the chance to be on YOUR blog, and you don't think you're going to be inundated? Nah, I bet you knew you would be, you're just cool like that!! Thanks for the chance, it's a thrill just to play!! :)

rachel devine - oooh, fun, a contest! here is a link to my actions and presets, plus my one on one mentoring services!

diana palmer - some (or all, really) of us are OBSESSED with your work, so thanks for the little teaser. others of us, okay, i'm the same person, would like to advertise. so thanks for the contest. and with that being said, luck be a lady:

Holly Sisson - Well, I KNOW you get readers from Toronto, so I'll throw my hat into the ring for the free advertising on your blog! So nice of you to do this!

Shell - in these tough economic times... wondering if I could be so lucky as to win a free month of advertising *crossing my fingers eyes and toes!!*

Angie - What a great giveaway. I would love to be entered into your draw. Your work is fantastic to say the least. I just loved the latest photo video with Emily Falconbridge's family - just beautiful. Angie

Katrina Kennedy - Thanks for continuing to share your talent with us Tara! I've got a little project website just yet...but soon!

angie warren - absolutely love the dino photo. reminds me so much of my little guy. great work!

kathy wolfe - could those 3 boys be anymore adorable?

Dana - Such great images. As always. I'd love the opportunity to advertise on your blog. Count me in.

Michele - sure. what the heck.

jeramy - thanks tara!

Monica - I love that picture of the three boys. So sweet. That top picture takes you inside the imagination of a little boy.

EatTheCake - how fun!

danielle - Those kids are too cute! My shop is: Free advertising is an amazing offer!

Andrea - What fun! I can't wait to see your sponsors (maybe me one day) and I'd love to enter me and my shop, Thanks!!

Justyna - My "shop" is Funky Monkey Photography. Come on you know you want a funky monkey on your blog! It would be super cute.

Sarah Lamont - an amazing offer tara, thanks so much! lovely hats for little heads...

carolyn bowles - Love the dinosaur pic! And I'd love to be selected for your contest too! My site is and my blog is Love all you do, and you're a huge inspiration! Thanks Tara!!!

shalina - i'm crossing my fingers! thanks for this opportunity.

Kim - You probably think I am a stalker by now but the interactions you capture in your images is so inspiring! I would love to be on you page. :-)

Melissa - I'm in! So Cal Pet photography. :)

Debbie Hodge - Hi, Tara! I'd love the opportunity to try out advertising on your blog! Thanks. Debbie

Alberto - love your work! Thanks.

Tara Whitney - testing. if you are having trouble commenting email me at to enter.

Tara Whitney - OKAY NO MORE COMMENTS for the give-away will be taken into consideration. it is now 7:03pm PST!

Michelle Davies - I hope I'm not too late! I love your site and a chance to be advertised here would be incredible.

Captured by Jess - Did I really miss this by 17 minutes? I think Daylight Savings Time here in NH was out to get me. Wah.

jason - once again, these photos are amazing. (no need to put me in the drawing, I'm just a HUGE fan...i mean i'm a fan...i'm not huge...but i really like your work...and you seem cool i just sound are awesome)

tricia burns - You are a rockstar Tara! I love you and your work!

annie - I LOVE the dinosaurs at the beach!! So cute!

Carolyn - Oh poopsie-doopsie... I missed the cut-off. Oh well. There are lots of great entries already. Some of the etsy stop stuff is especially cute!!

Belinda - Hi, Tara: Just in case you extended the deadline because you were too busy, I would love for my website to be featured on your blog for a month. It's a site for young families with ideas for parties, recipes, traditions, dates and books. ( A Simple Life.) Thanks.

Gina Addison - PICK ME, PICK ME!!! :-) Always a fan of your work -- pure genius!

kate - such a great idea :] you are full of them.

Tammi - *delurking and waving* You are my FAV. EVER. :) Peace.

Lana - Hi Tara! Well, my main job is a photographer, I don't know if you'd be cool with advertising another photographer or not, if not, then I would probably pick my etsy store: I sell scrapbook goodies and upcycled notebooks. Great idea btw, I've been wondering why you didn't have advertising on here! Lana

Lana - Ooops... I guess I missed the deadline. heh. Oh well I was thinking of you! Guess that'll teach me not to check the blog every day!

Kim Townsend - I just missed the deadline but I love the new look. Clean and simple! just like I like it :D Your work is beautiful. Kim Townsend |

Laura Stewart - great pics

Kimi - I would love to have a spot on your blog. You are one of my photography inspiree's :)

heatherbauers - I know you've probably already picked the winners, but just in's my addition.

Swiss MIss Design - Hey baby, give the Haus a little lovin' why don't ya.

Wendi - As my 2 year old would say..."WUUUN the sharp-toof get you!!!" Adorable as always!

Dana - Yipee!! I'm off to make the banner right now. Thanks Tara.

lisamcg - These boys are so handsome. They should be in ads or something.

Carolyn - Excellent winners! Sarah Lamont's ADORABLE baby hats on Etsy was exactly one of the commentators I was referring to when I said there were some great Etsy shop entries. SO cute!! Off to check out Old Red Barn Co now...

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