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OPAM: may ’08 (photo wall in living room) AFTER

Update : 06.02.13

The last photo taken of our photo wall before a pipe burst in our kitchen and everything came down. When it gets hung up again, the photos will be different and it will be in another room entirely. Thanks for five years of internet love!



This was such a good experience for me. because while i did put my project off to the last minute (figuring out what prints i wanted and ordering them last week) (and putting the prints in the frames this weekend),


and that my friends, is KEY for me. i am the queen of good intentions. starting something in my house…and then getting sidetracked and starting something else in my house….until there are five or six unfinished projects going on, and im sitting around feeling overwhelmed and crappy.

but this OPAM thing is keeping me accountable. so thank you blogland!

for those of you following along, today is the day to post your after picture on your blog and link here in comments. i also think it would be cool for you to post your before picture along with your after picture, or at least link to the post with the before pictures, like i just did. its also the day to choose your june OPAM, and post the before pictures for that. i am going to do that in a separate post, so each month is easily found when searched for.

so-i hemmed and hawed over how to choose photos. initially i thought i wanted all black and white. until a friend begged me to mix in some tara color, and make it more eclectic, because really, isnt that what is more my style? and i totally agreed with her. also-i was having a really hard time finding photos i wanted to turn black and white to use for this. so i easily gave in and decided to mix it up.

i was also so so so so so in love with the TTV effect that jefra created for my photos, that i decided i wanted all of my frames to be filled with that effect. but i didnt have any photos actually taken in that way except for jefras. so i googled “ttv frame download” and found several sites that offered free downloads. i grabbed a couple that i thought would work. this is a great group on flickr too. also, here is a tutorial for doing it yourself. of course, adding the frame in PS is not as fun as doing it the real way, but i didnt have time on my side, so i cheated.

then came the undertaking of deciding what photos to choose! i knew what i wanted to “say” with this project. its the first thing people will see when they come into my house. so i wanted a BAM kind of statement and a happy portrayal of our life. and i knew i wanted one of each kid, one of jeff and i, and then some fun, funky shots to really make it interesting.

i created a folder on my desktop and copied any photo that i deemed a “maybe” into it. then in photoshop, i created a huge blank canvas, resized and cropped all of those “maybe” images and started dragging and moving them around until i found the perfect arrangement. i added the TTV borders to the nine shots i was using, fiddling with the effect and color until they were what i wanted…and ta da! my photo wall is complete, and completely AWESOME if i may say so myself.



now, even jeff is gung ho to complete our front room. we have been waiting to do it because we have had to focus our funds on other more important things. we have a list of big ticket “to buy” items and this room was just not at the top of the list. but now that this wall makes such a statement, its a shame to have the rest of the room flop.

see? productivity spreads like a weed!


Supplies and other info:

Frames: the frames used here were 20×20 glass clip frames, purchased from IKEA. However they are no longer available. IKEA does have other 20×20 frames.
An online source for glass clip frames is here.

TTV tutorial: This was an effect added digitally. Tutorial found here.

TTV border: I found mine here.


Michelle - That looks so cool. I tried something like that and have not completed it yet. I have nine 4x6 frames on the wall and two pictures in the frames. Now I want bigger frames! You did a great job, love it!

meg duerksen - this is as absolutely awesome as i knew it was going to be. i have been so excited to see this...waiting for it. i am inspired to go start my OPAM. i just need to do it!! now i can't wait to see what next month's will be. this is so great tara. SO GREAT!

sarah - WOW! Tara this is GORGEOUS!

Bonnie Berry - SOOOO awesome. Doesn't it feel nice to complete something? At least I think I remember it feeling that way. It has been SO long since I HAVE completed anything that I can't recall that emotion anymore.

Sabrina - Love how this turned out. I've been wanting to do some ttv shots for my office. I have nothing on my walls at work and everyone has been bugging me about it.

margie - It is perfection. oh is perfectly imperfect! :) I love how patient you are. You have a vision and then you wait until you know you are going to nail it. And man, oh regrets with this project, Miss Whitney. It's just so YOU and so YOUR family. Love it so much. That pic of you and Jeff is just dreamy. How could you guys ever be anything but happy with each other with that 20x20 photo staring you in the faces, huh???? Every couple needs one of those front and center as a reminder of how great commitment is.'s just so great! Margie Pargie

anita - that looks so AWESOME... like you said. =) I'm inspired. now i want a wall like that too. =) but probably have to wait until after we move...

Dina - just gorgeous, in an everyday kind of perfect way! thanks for the inspiration!

AmandaV. - Love love LOVE how this project turned out!!! Such beauty and unique qualities to it! This OPAM thing has me soooo inspired, I think I will join in this month! --would you care to share the link to the free TTV download that you found to work for you? would love to try this out! Thanks for the inspiration, can't wait to see next months project!

Dana - WOW!!!! You are AMAZING! That was fantastic! It took me a bit to figure out OPAM, but what a great idea!

stacey woods - oooh, i LOVE LOVE LOVE that ttv effect! i'm off to check out your link now! these look FABULOUS, tara, really. i have to tell you how much i adore the ferris wheel shot too, right smack in the middle. how clever! your life sounds like a sweet, wonderful, crazy-fun carnival ride to me already. :)

cristina thornburg - totally awesome! i love it! very inspiring!

Sarah Gardan - Very, very cool. Nothing more to say!

Caitlin Domanico Pho - Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly Sisson - Wow! That looks totally awesome Tara! How did you mount and hang these...doesn't look like they are framed...though I guess they must be from the reflections I can see in some of the photos. Still, doesn't look like a standard frame, would be very curious (though I'm sure whatever cool product it is isn't available here in Canada...the cool things rarely are!)

Awomynda - adore adore adore!

JenCozz - OMG! That is so gorgeous! I LOVE how it turned out! The pictures are fantastic and I love the look of the borders. How did you do that? The combo of color and B&W is fantastic. Love it!

carie - uh! i am in love with this! just simply in love with it Tara!

JESSICA - oh tara....... i love love love it. the photos you used. the color and bw together and the cool effects of it is awesome!!! soooo cool!

Diane - OMG that is the coolest thing ever! I am curious about your framing also. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!

Katrina - Love it! So glad to have been there to see it come together. I see you changed your mind about the center ferris wheel image ;-) Love it! Had fun with those Flickr TTV frames that I found. I'm sure I'll be making use of them in the future. I forgot to take a peek at your real one... maybe next time. Anyway... here's my completed project. Love the deadline of having a month to complete a project! Let's keep it going for a while.

Michelle - Holy Crap! That is STUNNING! Just incredible.

Leslie - this really did come out amazing... looks fantastic! Really really...

Ashley Schultz - I ADORE this! So inspirational! I've been looking forward to your OPAM post all month. Here is mine for May:

Tina Cockburn - This looks awesome! Good for you for finishing what you started.

Rachel - this looks fabulous Tara!!

andie - L-O-V-E THIS!!!!!

isabel - I freakin' love it! It's fabulous!

Kristen - This wall freakin' rocks!!! It's punchy, emotive, and yes, eclectic, which I love. There's a lot of movement in the images which is nice to see in a static environment. It works perfectly with your white walls and subtle colour furniture. Thanks for the TTV link effect. I'm going to get on that myself. Are these clip frames? Where did you get that great size? This is very inspirational! Thank you.

Joscie - WOWZA that's awesome!

Lindsey Loo - okay, i am going to copy that wall. i have wall that i cant figure out what i want to do with it. thanks for posting. and thanks for being my mentor and you dont even know it... dont be scared.

Kristen - IKEA frames. Got it.

Sarah - Oh my goodness, SO awesome!!! I didn't finish my OPAM. :( I did commit to a new project for June while also finishing my May project, so we'll see if that gets me in over my head!

Suzelle - WOW, WOW, WOW !!!!!!!!

tara pakosta - i love what you have in the room so far! the chair and stuff around it are awesome! that wall is SUPER WOW!!!! are the frames from IKEA? LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it miss tara whitney~! you have motivated me to start decorating my house.......except i have every single room to decorate so it may take years to have the money to do it. i am starting with the girls rooms. then on to the guest room. after that i will tackle the family room, kitchen, dining room and living room.......BUT it's going to be a LONG TIME> i need to figure out some paint colors. any ideas? all the rooms kind of are open to other rooms so it all needs to tie in. want to come help me decorate?! tara

tara pakosta - oh and tara, are those frames 12x12? that photo of anna and mckenna is TO DIE FOR! tara

jpritch - oh my HECK tara!!! if you wall magically disappears in the middle of the night, it is because i sent the tooth fairy to steal it for me. even though i have no idea where you life in Cali. and even though there are rumors milling about that the tooth fairy isn't true. regardless, it might be gone. and you can blame me. so FREAKING awesome! i want one!

Mikael - Tara, when I read your first post on the topic I thought it was a Project of the WEEK! Soon I felt overwhelmed and opted for my own POTM (project of the month). We added a 4 x 6 foot magnetic chalk board to our dining room. Turned out perfect. Great way to display current art work the kids are working on.

anne - this looks AMAZING tara! you are sooo inspiring! thank you for sharing:))

Jennifer - This looks so great!!! I haven't done anything to my living room in over 5 years but I think I'm inspired now to do something like this! It looks so good I can't stand it.

Krista - Wow! Wow! What I wouldn't do for pictures like these, and a wall like this! It makes such a statement and is amazing!

Ariana - Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that!! Thank you for sharing the after- inspiring. I've been debating and debating and debating about what pictures to put on my wall. Seeing how awesome yours looks I'm thinking I should just freaking PRINT some and get them up there already. It totally changes the feeling of that room.

PhotoSmith - Sarah - these are awesome Tara, i was curious where you got the frames and what size they are? I have TTV's i have shot through my old Duaflex and would love to frame them in my living room in a similar fashion. Any info you would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated!

cathy - Part of me hates you, but that part is the small, green, SUPER jealous part. The other part of me loves you like crazy and is planning to copy EVERYTHING you do. Then there is still ANOTHER part of me that yearns to be rich, thin and have a puppy.

Heidi Fazio - this. is. incredible. I love Jefra's work and the bottom right photo is to die for. thanks so much for your comment on my blog! i need another day to brainstorm for June's OPAM...

Christine - Oh my goodness! I love this so much. These pictures are so amazing! I bet you just LOVE walking in that front door and seeing this. Mmmm.... warm fuzzies! love you

leah g - I love that display!!! I think that just about sums it up. Really, though, I love the colors, the size, the boldness of the display. Excellent job.

lauren c. - oh...i LOVE it!!! : )

kim - it's killer! i love how this turned out. and the ttv dealie is the perfect treatment for these pics. sweet!

Amy Wenzel - Oh, this is so so cute! I am extremely jelous and want to copy you in my house! Too bad I don't have any cute kids to put on my walls...

Visty - What a perfect way to put yourself in your home! It just oozes Tara!

lanne - Well like everyone else.. I love it too.. brilliant!!! I particularly like the ferris wheel.. and the photos rock.. of course! perfection.... see you had to wait that long.. just to nail it.. If your not already familiar with her work.. you might enjoy checking out (she is australian too so there could be a .au in there)..... awesome stuff Tara!

Patricia - Uggh. I made very little progress. BUT DH promised that if I kept the kitchen clean he would paint the cabinets and he said this past weekend that since I had kept my end of the deal he's going to have to keep his end. LOL so maybe I'll get my charcoal cabinets after all....maybe the clean kitchen was the project.

Patricia - Uggh. I made very little progress. BUT DH promised that if I kept the kitchen clean he would paint the cabinets and he said this past weekend that since I had kept my end of the deal he's going to have to keep his end. LOL so maybe I'll get my charcoal cabinets after all....maybe the clean kitchen was the project. Forgot to say I LOVE IT! After the kitchen...the studio is next.

marie - i love-love-love this...keep it up ;)

erika - just wonderful!!!

samantha - I am in LOVE with your blog and totally totally in love with this idea of having a family box of photos. LOVED IT! :) I hope you know that you are so crazy inspiring, and youre the kinda lady that everyone wants to have as a friend. keep on doing- because you're doing it with grace and creativity. Sincerly a blog fan- Samantha White Canada.

annie - Wow! It came out awesome!! We are going to do this project in our fam room but not in time to link...but thanks for the inspiration! I am so glad you got to get one of those cool photos of you in there too! I am dying to go to Thailand with you guys.....what a neat idea....maybe when I turn 40 (in 2 years) if you guys are still doing it :)

leigh ann - ohmygosh that is FANTASTIC!

psmullican - WOW! How cool! I'm loving your OPAM and will hopefully jump on board soon. Congrats to you for finishing your project. As always, your photos amaze me. Love the way these are all "finished" the same with the border-guess that was done in a photo editing program? I'm SO not techno savvy when it comes to stuff like that, but it looks great!

summer - it looks A-MAZING, tara!

annie - So here's my plan: whatever you do one month, is my project the next month (yeah, i know, plagiarize much??) It looks amazing! I am also a great and enthusiastic starter and less stellar finisher. Project a month will be long enough to let it percolate, short enough to have a sense of urgency and momentum. Brilliant. Will return to post the link for my project this month. Procrastinators unite (or untie, as I first typed)!

Amber - Amazing - love the mix of colors with the black and whites!

Julie -! i am in love with your wall. it is SO beautiful, so tasteful, funky and fun all at the same time. LOVE! Marry me wall! Marry me!!!

Miz Booshay - Incredible and inspirational!!!! Love it! You are the best!

cherie - stinking cool! just so stinking cool!

denise - I was so stoked to visit the blog today and see these pictures. The wall is amazing - you have such a creative eye. This wall screams happiness to me. Can't wait to see next months finished project.

Trude - Love love love how these turned out! The vintage-y vignette really defines each photo. TFYS!

Tara Whitney - hey guys-THANKS! im so glad you love as much as i do. for those of you that werent able to complete your project this month-dont get down on yourself man. just start from scratch. hopefully once weve done a few months we will all get on track. all of the questions about this project can be answered by reading this post AND/OR linking to the BEFORE opam link.

The NON-Superwoman - Hey.......where are all the projects? :-) I think I'm going to start a Tara Whitney fan club (if there is not one already). I love how this made me get off my duff and do something.....getting those wheels in motion is the hardest part. Here's my OPAM: So ready to finish it up and getting moving on the next thing.

Judy in Huntsville - LOVE THESE! Makes me re-think my potm - I re-purposed a door with family photos - [ ] it may be on it's way to the playroom wall so that I can do THIS in the dining room. Really beautiful Tara! THanks for sharing! ~ J

Ann - I have to agree, this being accountable (albeit to complete strangers)is the kick in the pants that I need to start and complete random projects. Thanks for kicking my pants. My afters are here:

Cecily - That wall is AMAZING. And truly truly inspiring. I am going to steal your idea if it's the last thing I do!!! Oh, and one more thing. I don't usually do this, because frankly its weird and you don't know me, but I wrote a blog post that you might like. The "Just Be" on your header made me think so... Anyway, if you get a chance its at

Shawn - I did mine right after your initial post about doing's mine; I don't know what to do for June...might have to be something outside in the yard...I like this idea, has put me on the spot-even if only internally to finish something. Thanks for the inspiration as always...

courtney - Wow!!!! this absolutely takes my breathe away. I think your productivity is spreading into my house as well! Job well done girlie!

suetreiber - seriously awesome!!! I love the treatment. Now you have me hankering to learn how to do it too. I love each shot more than the next!

Lisa Damrosch - WOWZERS...totally awesome dude. Seriously. I totally posted my OPAM out of order, but I did finish May....tonight I will post my plan for June. I LOVE the push. Thanks!

Shelley Haganman - Oh Tara! This is so beautiful it makes me want to cry! This is so inspiring and thanks so much for the help as far as how you did this. I am definitely going to "lift" this idea! Shelley

Kerry - Wow -- tons of impact and full of your family's personalities!

Michele - Ah-mazing!

Lynn - The project is fantastic and the POTM is a great idea. I have question about the photos. Where did you print them 12 x 12 or another square size? As a photographer you must have a printer that does that. Where can the average gal get prints that size? I don't see that size on the Target order form!! Can't wait to see what is next!!

Tara Whitney - yay finally seeing some more links-off to check em out...

LisaK - Simply brilliant!

Isabel Magnasco - I really love it !!! Beautiful nine photographs, each of them telling a history about who you are, about your kids, your family.... Your blog is truly inspiring for me. I started visiting it because of your photographs, but now I am more into your human being side. awesome.

Allison - Oh my GOD. Beautiful. I love it. Great job.

Steph - Thanks for this fabulous idea Tara! I really needed this push to get my butt in gear. And though I didn't finish my project I got a good jump on it. Here's the link to my after...

Steph - Thanks for this fabulous idea Tara! I really needed this push to get my butt in gear. And though I didn't finish my project I got a good jump on it. Here's the link to my after... Your wall is so freaking awesome. Love the photos you chose. Really, it's just perfect.

Tara Whitney - lynn-i just googled "photo labs that print 20x20" and found a bunch that came up, including:

cindy mandernach - yum, yum, yum and a yummy yum it love it love it.....cindy :}

tracy - I love it!

heather broom - it's freaking amazing. love love love love love it

Carrie - WOW!!! That is simply amazing, Tara.

Heather - that looks sooooo good!!!

Jen - The photos look incredible. You did a great job!

tania - WOW. totally inspiring.

Sara - How gorgeous! I absolutely love it! It's funky and fun and shows off your family as well as your personality. I have been in our house for 2 years with blank walls because I couldn't find anything I liked but this gives me so many ideas. What a cool idea!

Mindy - WOW! That is a BAM project for sure. It looks wonderful Tara...I am quite jealous!

Beth - Oh my gosh, this is AWESOME! I am on board this month! Thanks for the inspiration!!

amandajean - I love love LOVE it! Nice job Tara!!!!

rachel - Looks great my dear! I am very proud of you! :-) Great choice for the borders too!

heather - I LOVE THIS - I WANT IT!!!!

katycoffey - i'm a lurker but i had to post on this - your wall is gorgeous! amazing!!! i'm inspired...well - i always am when i look at your pictures but i LOVE THIS!!! thanks for sharing and i can't wait to see what you come up with next month

Elaine - Fantastic! Wonderful! Superific! And all good things! That's what this wall is. Well done.

tamilyn - oh my gosh tara, you took my breath away a little. that wall makes me so happy, you must be ecstatic.

stacymeyers - OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD TARA.......................You NEVER cease to amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so freaking awesome. I love it!!!!!!!...........doesn't even sum it up!

cathy - genius.

stephie g - I can't stand how much I LOVE THIS!

michele - oh! this is so beautiful!!!! u inspire me tara! and i know this next line belongs to a response to a previous post, but hey, ur beautiful no matter what size u are! it's what's inside you that counts. and from your blog and works, i can tell that it's a very beautiful inside. =)

sharla - Oh my gosh! This is heavenly!

shari - Holy Crap! This is the most AWESOME thing I've ever seen! You rock sista'

laura - I LOVE IT!!! the picture choices, the color, the ttv frame - it's just perfect, tara! :)

Rhona - Tara, I L...O...V...E that wall!!!!. What a stunning effect. Great job well done!!

Carrie Young - oh TAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA *screams*!!!!! Did you hear that all the way from Australia yet?!!!!!!!!!! That looks AMAZING! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Mine is done too - here - But not nearly as inspiring as yours! WOW!! :D

Lydia - I love how it turned out! I'm going to have to get more prints to fill up my walls. Can't wait to see what you do on your landing at the top of the stairs!

Kathleen - Beautiful wall! Can you share where you ordered the prints from? They look awesome!

Georgia - totally awesome!

Jo - Hi Tara, this is just beautiful and so them. Tell me, could you possible put the link where you ended up getting this "ttv frame download". I have googled but cannot locate. Cheers Jogirl xo

whitney - Oh my gosh- this is the cutest thing! Those pictures work perfectly with that effect- such Tara style!! Great job! (And congrats on finishing a project- I can totally relate. Started cleaning out ds's clothes, he hung on the shelves in the closet like a monkey and pulled them out of the wall. He has had a 4x5' pile of clothes smack in the middle of his tiny bedroom for 3 weeeks because dh hasn't had time to fix the shelves. Actually tackling that project today!) This wall grouping really inspires me to get creative. Thanks! Whitney

Dixie - I love your photo wall. Looks great. Love the pictures you chose also. Quite a statement. I loved to have a room like that.

Rebecca - Your wall is simply ... breath taking! Really really. I'm in awe (and a bit jealous) and so happy for you! Thanks for sharing. :)

Anya - Oh yes, please do tell how you framed them. I see the IKEA frames in the first part but these look like they are glass clipped to something. LOVE it. I am inspired to do some stuff to my house and am jumping on the bandwagon :)

Anya - ok....blonde moment, sorry, I figured it to find coffee and my brain. :)

patty - your "family photo wall" is absolutely A*M*A*Z*I*N*G*!!!

Sandy - This is just awesome. Too beautiful for words really. You did a great job on it. :D

Susan - Words can not even begin to describe how much I love this! Wow, so very cool!

cindy b - I can't say anything that hasn't been said already. AWESOME...freakin' AWESOME. LOVE it and it totally inspires me to do something like it! LOVE IT!!!

lanne - I did mine too. I cleaned the laundry at the end of last month but.. i also reeeeeeally pushed myself to take a photo of my son and I together.. it is HUGE for me. I had one photo taken with him in 2004.. and thats IT! I HATE photos of me.. I didn't even want wedding photos. I agreed to the agony that was standing about for 20 mins..and we have one 6x4 on the wall of my husband with me blury in the background. I can barely stand to look at that. BUT i did it. I took photos of Lochie and I.. we are in costume..LOL but it is a start..and very much where he is at 4! Looking for June's project now.

stacy benintendi - tara it looks so great! i love all of the color! great job friend! :)

terri - Oh my gosh!!!That is so awesome...I have to try and create a wall art like are one awesome chick!

kellicrowe - you are hero. this is amazing!!

Erin - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Oh looks so awesome. Wow, what a statement. Great choice in photos as well.

liz - fabulous, simply fabulous! i am so inspired!

carol :) - WOW! I *LOVE* it! Just exactly the kind of thing to "advertise" your house. Good job!

Kendra - I love this wall!! I have been wanting to do something like this for the longest time, but dont have the right wall for it. Maybe I will do it in my kids room. You are inspiring me to get some parts of my house together, and

Stacey R - Tara, that wall of pictures looks incredible. I love it so much. I've been wanting to get some (more) of our pictures up around the house too. Thanks for all the TTV info. I played with it all afternoon. Very very cool. As is your wall. Thanks for sharing.

Patti Gundrum - WOW!! that wall looks absolutely amazing. I have been waiting to see the photos and they are incredible. I found your blog a few years ago from 2peas and I love reading your day to day happenings. Your photography is stunning!

Surcie - I don't know a thing about photography, but I love how the TTV effect unifies the grouping. Great idea!

jennifer - are you freakin kidding me? that rocks! love the TTV effect that you gave them!!!

Christina - Those pictures are great!! Our living room is in need of a little perking up and something like this could really work for us. Where did you get the frames? They look like a clip type but in a bigger size than I've sen in most stores. Please tell... Thanks a bunch!

valerie - tara your project turned out amazing. you picked perfect photos to be displayed. what a great room!

stacie smith - just to add to the millions of comments how cool and inspiring this wall is. Love it, love it!

jenniferL - wow... what a fabulous wall to have in your home showcasing your family. i love it.

Todd Smith - WOW! Your wall is so beautiful! I've been lurking on your blog for what seems like forever and this one brings me out of the shadows! Great work. Everyone should have a wall like that!

Kerry - that is beyond awesome

Kristal - I have good intentions, too. And before I know it, I have several unfinished things going on in my house. Thank you so much for sharing this. And I LOVE that you mixed the color and black and white. Looks absolutely FABULOUS!

Paula - This is stunning. Really beautiful!

Shii - Hi there! I know I am a day late but I didn't have time yesterday. Thanks for being so inspiring!!! I love the photo wall. Love the mix of BW and color. Here is mine for May!

Jodi Bingley - This looks good enough to eat! I LURVE it! Another Tara-special to emulate...

Dana F - TARA THIS IS BRILLIANT! You inspire me in so many ways... This wall captures your spirit and family perfectly! can't wait for the next OPAM (and inspired now to create my own!)

Toni - Tara, back again! Love, love this! What size are these? Did you just have prints made or were they mounted onto something to hang/display. I can't tell! Oh no, wait, you used those clip frames. awesome. But where to find? The images look so LARGE! Need to know!! I'll send chocolate! bawwhahah!

leigh lear - this is totally awesome!! i am so jealous. i really like the photos, they kind of remind me of pics taken with a Holga. very cool, your inspiring me to do stuff in my home.

Kathryn M - Your photo wall is fantastic and beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Araxi - In all honesty,this is the most beautiful wall I have ever seen. Im inspired to do something. Not sure what but something.

Betsy - This is beautiful! I really love the pictures you chose. A beautiful capture of your family!

Jenna Smith - This is beautiful - I am making a trip to Atlanta tomorrow to "buy baseball tickets". Too bad I'll have to run into IKEA & pick up the frames too. I found that sells 20x20 prints for $26.95 (regular?) & $36.95 for metallic. I am just worried that my little 7.1 megapixel camera won't take high enough resolution photos to enlarge that much. ... we'll see. Thanks again for sharing this - really cool.

Ellen Patton - WOW! Very cool!

Jennifer - I'm a little late in posting this! Here is my repainted scrapbook room. I painted it the same color as your art closet and I really love the way it came out. Here is a link to my blog with pictures of it. Jennifer

elizabeth - seriously LOVE and I mean LOVE that photo wall.. wow

Rae - WOW! Thats soooooo cooooool! ;o) despite my good intentions I missed out on OPAM for may but I am SO joining in this month! thanks for the inspiration!

Christine Campbell - Ok, Tara, this was too cool not to try out so I just did and I LOVE IT!! Thank you!! Where did you get them printed? And What size are yous printed at and HOW did you get them all hung up with perfect spacing?? That's the hardest part for me is the hanging.

denise - I already commented on your fabulous project but I didn't post a link to my project for May (I'm a bit behind in my blogging) If you are interested in checking out my "happy closet" (I was so inspired by your pink closet of goodness) you can go to

liz - again this wall is just fabulous!! checkout my "after" shots of my May OPAM and my "before" shot for June. this is such a great idea and so fun - thanks Tara!

audrey - love love love love this wall! you are amazing! your creativity is inspiring!!

Kim - All I can say is WOW! That wall is so stunning! Love the pics, the size, the love love it! Wow! Amazing Tara! You rock! Here's my May OPAM: Before: After: I had a lot of fun...As I said in my other post, i'm probably going to skip June's OPAM and start back up in July...Can't wait to see what you do...

candice - This is freaking amazing. You are so incredibly talented, woman!

Gina P. - you've got fabulous it g -

scrappinkay - OMG, wow, I love this grid of photos on your wall, absolutely awesome and it helps that you take such awesome pics and you have a beautiful family. I would love to do this, what did you use for frames and what size are the actual prints.

Shelly - You have inspired me!! The wall looks fabulous!!

Kristi - one more question...did you mount these prints, or would that have made them too thick for the clip frames...this is such a wonderful glimpse of your incredible family!! What fun. I would NEVER change out the prints...keep em forever!

Erin Woods - Tara, I LOVE these photo's. I just tryed out the TTV on photoshop. I was wondering if you remembered which photo from "Flickr: Noise & Dust through the viewfinder" that you used. Keep up the great work. I love your blog =)

Carrie Sandoval - Tara, this is SO RAD!!!!!

Roxanne Benton - TARA my sweet! This wall is AWESOME!!! Well done! Now go kick more of Summer's @$$!!! *snerk* Lots of love, Roxanne @ P2C

Jen edgerton - I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this. thank you for your inspiration. you are awesome!

ashley mcnamara - holy awesomeness!!

OneShotBeyond - this is one of the coolest ways I've EVER seen photographs displayed. WOOHOO for photoshop! Thank you for sharing and this is my 1st time here...

Heather Vanek - Tara this is amazing! You have totally inspired me to do a wall I've been stuck on. Thank you!

amy - very cool!

Ashly - This is fabulous!! What an amazing way to display photos! I would love to do something like this in my house. Could you, by chance, tell me which TTV you used? This is truly inspirational...

Jenna - I know that I am a few months late to the party, but I just completed my own wall of pictures & am delighted that it is finished. I wish that IKEA was closer than 3 hours away. The wait was worth it though as I found that Sam's Club has poster-size prints for about $10 each for 20x24. The quality was definitely good enough for what I needed it for. If you would like to see my wall, you can visit my blog. Thank you for the inspiration!

Danielle Bryan - Tara! I LOVE this idea!! I have to know how you printed these! Are the on foam boards? Or just a print and you hung them in glass floating frames?? Please help me figure this one out cuz it is FAB!

Kami - Hi Tara! I'm not sure if you will see this comment, as this post was so long ago. I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. Thanks! I just posted my after here.

diane vaccarino - I love this! What an impact.

diane vaccarino - wow! what an impact!

Kacey R. - I posted about your beautiful pictures today! I followed the tutorial you recommended but I still have a lot to learn! LOL I'll get there because I HAVE to have this fabulous feature in my house. You did an awesome job!

Tanisha Long - your photo wall is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Samantha Schlemme-Parker - I love this soooo much! It has given me inspiration! We are painting our entry today and this is what I am now going to do! Thank you for sharing!!

Elisabeth - Congratulations for your photo display, I love that !!!

carrie lee - This is awesome! Where did you buy the frames?

amy - I LOVE this! I saw this on "Love Actually" and think this looks amazing! I was wondering where you had your pictures printed? And are they framed? Thanks for sharing!

ashley - I too saw your photos on love-actually and I LOVE it! You're very talented! I was wondering if you used wall mounts for these photos? If so, what kind? Thanks Tara! Good work!!!

kristi - Hey Tara, you inspired me a LONG time ago to buy these frames, and now I have finally gotten mine all assembled and ready to hang, but I am having a terrible time finding picture hangers to accomodate those tiny metal tabs on the back of the IKEA clip frames. May I ask what sort of hanger you used to hang them? Thanks!

1 Funky Woman - Absolutely gorgeous! Megan

ian - Hi Tara That is an awesome photowall, great photos but I especially like that you have chosen such large images. For anyone who has been inspired to create a photo wall themselves here is a list of things to consider before your start. It is especially good for beginners I hope you find it useful Regards Ian

Christen - Thanks for the awesome inspiration. I used the link you posted about TTVs in my holiday maternity picture! Woot!

Tracey - These are FANTASTIC!! What a great idea executed perfectly!

Sandy - Hi Tara, I pinned this and your frame filter idea on Pinterest. How did you print out the pics, and if you sent it out to do, how much would it cost? My simple printer wouldn't be up to the challenge, what does the novice use? Thanks for your answer sandy

amanda - I loved this soo much, I decided to make my own!

Liz - Beautiful family portraits! Very creative....

Kyle - LOVE this, totally want to copy! How did or who did you use to print the photos?

Sarah - This is absolutely brilliant! I have been admiring it on my Pinterest board for awhile and finally decided to try this myself. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I blogged about it and linked to you here: Have a great one! Sarah

Karin D'Aunoy - I so LOVE!! Going to be using this idea!

laura@printing-instagram - Hey, My name is Laura and I blog about tips for displaying printed Instagram photos. I have been doing lots of looking around to find unique ideas for photo displays and I just want to let you know I love this idea! thank you for the inspiration and thank you for sharing.

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