personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 11.10

November. This family image was taken in San Francisco right after ingesting a whole crab and bowls of clam chowder and pasta and long island’s and cherry cokes. I remember the light outside being soft pink. I was in love with that light, I wanted to eat it. We were walking, and I saw this […]

personal project \\ six people twelve times \\ 10.10

(note from me: I have had the photos for October and November but not the words, until now. These are late, but that’ll do just fine.) October. Here we are, on Halloween. The boys: ketchup and mustard Anna: afortunetellergypsywithabeautymark is how she would explain it allinonebreath. Mckenna: Annie Jeff and I: Mckenna and Uniqua We […]